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For a family looking to cement high quality photos, the best mirrorless camera for the job certainly goes to the Canon EOS m100 Interchangeable-lens Camera. Its high quality FHD photos are capable of capturing vibrant colors and high dynamic range automatically, and makes it just as easy to share.

Why We Like It – Canon EOS m100 Review

The Canon EOS m100 is perfect for capturing memories, by blending image quality of a DSLR camera, squeezing it into a compact casing, and making it user-friendly. If you want a new camera but don’t know where to start, consider our mirrorless camera vs point and shoot review as a starting point.

  • Excellent quality for a small camera
  • Interface makes it easy to share
  • Compact design
  • Maxes out at 1080p


The Canon M100 Mirrorless Camera uses a 24MP CMOS sensor (APS-C CMOS) to bring to life near perfect image quality, recreating the colors and details of what you’re seeing thanks to high dynamic range—not unlike a Canon DSLR. The image sensor keeps the noise pretty low—just under 1.5 percent—though the ISO settings can be fiddled with depending on the situation, if you prefer high ISO or when using the kit lens. It maxes out at 1080p, but the combination works well enough even in today’s climate. For something higher than that, check out the Sony A7 III, equipped with 4K UHD.

To accompany the APS-C sensor, Dual Pixel CMOS AF was used to capture said high quality photos with a faster shutter speed. What’s nice is the camera’s mode switch. You can set it to auto mode and let it do exposure and focus for you, including flash in low light situations.


A wonderful feature of the Canon EOS M100 Camera is it being a very compact mirrorless camera compared to other mirrorless cameras. It’s dimensions are only 1.40 x 4.30 x 2.60 inches, making it smaller than most high-end phones. It might be a bit too bulky to toss in your pocket, but it has no problem fitting in a bag. Part of the reason is less of an emphasis on angles like the Nikon Z6.


There’s no doubt about it: the EOS m100 takes some fantastic photos. But for a photographer? If one had to choose, the Sony a6000 is better suited or a Panasonic Lumix G7 Camera. The best way to gauge the value of the Canon EOS m100 is its purpose.

For someone who aspires to be a photographer, go with something else. If you’re wishing to cement some excellent family photos? The Canon EOS m100 is the camera for you. This is largely to do with how automatic the camera is, even more so than your phone’s camera. And let’s not forget it’s easy to share images through Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Canon EOS m100 Review Wrap Up

The Canon EOS m100 may be a tiny camera, but it still packs a pretty mean punch in the quality department. That’s still true even if it maxes out at FHD 1080p. Once you’ve captured the picture image, its access to both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth makes it really easy to share.

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