Canon DSLR Accessories: Flash and Lens Picks for 2018

We’re happy to report on new DSLRs and the innovative features they are adopting, but there’s another side to this coin that we occasionally need to visit: New accessory releases. After all, if you’ve got one of the best DSLR cameras of 2019, don’t you want some of the best lenses and flashes to go with it? And Canon has come out with an impressive pair of accessories to meet just that need.

There are a whole lot of features packed into both products, so let’s take them one at a time. First up is the Canon Speedlite 600EX II-RT Flash, which is compatible with “most EOS cameras” (an unnerving phrase, but it just means you don’t need to worry). The flash is the new high-end model and can fire off flashes 1.1 to 2 times faster than the previous best model. The zoom flash head has a focal length range of 20-200mm, with a maximum guide number of 197 feet at ISO 100. Wireless flashing is supported, as are connection with other Speedlite product for complex multi-camera shoots.

The flash also has some built-in dust and water resistance, as well as its own dot matrix LCD panel for communicating basic mode and range information. Interestingly, the flash comes with two battery options – you can use traditional AA batteries, or you can use the Canon Compact Battery Pack CP-E4N, which makes the flash even faster.

Canon Speedlite Lens
The lens comes with its own mini flashes.

Second up: The Canon EF-M 28mm f/3.5 Macro IS STM lens, which is the first Canon Macro Lens designed for the EOS M Camera system. If your flash needs a little more humble, you’ll be glad to know that this professional lens has built-in mini flash units of its own. It comes equipped with a stepping motor designed to be quiet, as well as one UD lens and two aspherical lenses for higher image quality. The angle of view is reported to be similar to a 45mm standard lens.

Both accessories will be available in June for summer photoshoots. That flash is definitely on the pricey side at $580, but the lens is a more affordable $300. Do you think all those shiny new features are worth the price?

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