Can You Recharge A Window Air Conditioner?

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Updated February 10, 2023

If you’re in the market for the best air conditioner, you might want to pause before taking the plunge. Why? Because you can recharge a window AC. Basically, this means to replenish the refrigerant (coolant) that helps with cooling the air in a room. First, locate the low-pressure refrigerant port, attach the coolant canister, and slowly release the coolant into the system until the max level is reached.

And, while this is an easy process that can extend the life of your AC units, please remember to follow proper safety procedures, so you don’t get injured while refilling the freon in a window air conditioner.


  • The biggest reason window AC units need to be recharged is that they’re old and have succumbed to basic wear and tear, interrupting Freon production.
  • Refilling any Freon type is complex and requires an expert eye since you have to be able to use a Freon valve and understand how Freon lines work.
  • You can purchase a Freon kit to make things easier, but sometimes it’s better just to toss out old AC units that aren’t working as they should be.

Recharging An AC Window Unit – Does It Need Recharging?

When an air conditioner unit gets older, it starts to break down due to the regular wear and tear of using the unit. When this happens, the type of refrigerant your unit uses might start to leak out. To learn more, read up on what causes Freon leaks in an air conditioner. Fortunately, you can use a Freon refill kit to top it off.

Insider Tip

Window AC units have pretty accessible refrigerant lines, so it’s easier to access when doing Freon refills.

If it comes down to your AC being too old to bother recharging it, you might want to learn how to dispose of an air conditioner. It’s not as easy as you think.

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How to Perform a Window A Freon Refill

STEP 1 Remove The Unit From The Window And Open

A window unit must be removed from the window for this fix, so take it out and set it on the floor. Then, use a screwdriver to open the panel. From here, locate the two window AC refrigerant lines that lead to the AC compressor, and get your tap valve ready.

STEP 2 Ensure Gauges Set To Off

Take the larger of the Freon lines and attach a tap valve to it. From here, you’ll simply check the gauges to ensure that they’re set to “off.” Once this is done, attach your blue tube to the tap valve and the compound gauge.

STEP 3 Run AC And Allow Freon To Flow

Run your AC on “high” for a few minutes. Then, take the yellow tube and connect it to the bottle of Freon. Allow the Freon to flow through the tap valve, keeping a close eye on the gauges.

STEP 4 Fill To Max And Reinstall To Window

Once the gauge reaches 70 psi, you can turn off the gauges and the Freon. Once you reinstall your AC in your window, it should now be blowing cold air.


Most new AC units use R410A refrigerant, so it might be better to replace your unit rather than attempting to replace the Freon.

STEP 5 Test And Reset If Necessary

If it isn’t blowing cold air, your air conditioner unit might need to be cleaned. You might also want to learn how to prevent bugs from coming through a window air conditioner. However, an old unit might need a reset, as well. Knowing how to reset a window unit air conditioner will help you immensely.

How to Refill Freon in a Window Air Conditioner FAQs

Are AC units easy to recharge?

They can be pretty tricky to deal with if you aren't a professional. Because of this, we do not recommend you attempt topping off your Freon levels yourself.

Are there freon alternatives for AC units?

For the most part, new models don’t rely on freon production to run. Instead, they use a refrigerant called R410A refrigerant. This chemical is far safer for the environment and is industry standard.

What is the most common refrigerant for a window air conditioning unit?

R410A refrigerant is currently the leading refrigerant in the AC industry. This is because it’s a safer alternative to the freon type of refrigerant that used to be the standard.

Should I rely on a professional for freon services?

It is recommended that you always seek professional help if you don’t have a background in working with HVAC systems. This is a complicated process that could be dangerous if done incorrectly.
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