Camp Chef SmokePro 36 SGX Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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When it comes to searching for the best grills or even the best pellet smoker, you’re likely to conclude that no single one can satisfy everything you want from it, especially not for less than $1000. Camp Chef, though, aims to debunk that with the Camp Chef SmokePro 36 SGX, the largest and most decked-out of the SmokePro line. Unlike any other in this series–and a majority of competitors–this grill offers direct flame grilling. It also features a massive 1236 square inches of cooking space, perfect for a crowd that would have, months ago, been impossible.

Why We Like It – Camp Chef SmokePro 36 SGX

The Camp Chef SmokePro 36 SGX has some of the most sought-after features on a pellet smoker, making it high on many best-of lists. What makes this grill stand out is Camp Chef’s exclusive ash cleanout system that makes cleanup an absolute breeze.

  • Offers direct flame grilling
  • Easy cleanup with ash cleanout system
  • Great price/size ratio
  • Minor temperature inconsistencies from left to right sides of grilling area


The Camp Chef SmokePro SGX 36 is a powerhouse of a grill. Whether smoking low and slow or grilling at high heat, it’s easy and rewarding to make various foods with this machine. Reviewers nigh-unanimously praise the SGX pellet grill for the huge temperature range and, perhaps most importantly, the addition of direct flame grilling. This is something sadly lacking from many other pellet grills in this price range, like the Z Grills 700D, so fans of direct flame are sure to be pleased. One minor issue one reviewer points out: because the heat source is closer to the left of the grill than the center, the furthest right points can run a tad cooler than the furthest left ones. Find a grill with an even hot cooking space with our roundup of the best vertical pellet smokers.


Much like its cousin model, the Camp Chef Woodwind pellet grill, this grill is an absolute monster, dwarfing competitors like the Traeger Pro 575 with ease. This pellet smoker can accommodate an absolutely astounding amount of food with a 573 square inch upper rack and a 663 square inch lower rack. Like most pellet smokers, the Camp Chef SmokePro SGX 36 is incredibly versatile in the types of cooking it can do: grill, braise, bake, and more, all on one grill. The direct flame grilling possible with Camp Chef’s slide and grill technology truly sets this machine apart, though. Like many other Camp Chef pellet grills, you can easily add a Sear Box or Sidekick for added space and cooking possibilities.


The vast majority of pellet grills on the market come in either silver/black or solid black, so a bronze exterior like that on the SGX 36 really stands out. Typically, a black exterior hides smoke residue better than a lighter color like bronze, but reviewers don’t complain about this aesthetic decision. This grill is solid and heavy, and, like many other of Camp Chef’s offerings, is certain to stand the test of time. Camp Chef has a pretty good track record in their customer service department if something is wrong with the grill.

Ease of Use

Pellet grills are notorious for being fairly low maintenance, especially in comparison to more traditional smoking methods. The Camp Chef SmokePro 36 SGX maintains this reputation swimmingly, with several reviewers praising the capability to get food started and then walk away. This grill doesn’t have wifi like the Green Mountain Grills Davy Crockett grill, but users should be comfortable leaving this machine alone for a while. What makes any Camp Chef pellet grill stand out, though, is its exclusive ash cleanout system, which is far more convenient and less time-consuming than the traditional galvanized bucket on offer with any other brand. Check the Rec-Tec RT 700 for durable stainless steel grates.


A new Camp Chef SmokePro SGX 36 will set you back about $900, plus an additional couple hundred if you opt for either the Sear Box or Sidekick attachments. While this is far from cheap, considering the ratio of price/size and the outstanding quality, $900 is a fantastic deal. Many users won’t need the massive size on offer with the SGX 36 and will more than likely be just as happy with a smaller model. The slide and grill feature is a nice touch that a lot of users have been clamoring for, but there are smaller, less-expensive options from Camp Chef and other brands that still feature direct flame grilling.

Camp Chef SmokePro 36 SGX Wrap Up

The Camp Chef SmokePro 36 SGX is nothing short of stellar. From outstanding features like slide and grill technology and the exclusive ash cleanout system to the absolutely massive size of the grilling area, this pellet grill will please many users. Although its huge size might mean the left and right sides of the grill aren’t equally heated, the vast majority of reviewers didn’t find this to be a problem. This truly is a great grill that is likely to convert you to a pellet smoker connoisseur.

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