Camp Champ is a Mobile Kitchen for Your Campsite

Do you really want to tread the line between comfort and camping, without bringing along your RV? Camp Champ, a portable kitchen kit, is worth your attention. Unfortunately, so is the price.

There are already plenty of tiny burners and 5-in-1 cooking sets for serious backpackers to use, but these don’t exactly promise a delicious meal. Even more casual campers tend to stick with an extra-portable grill and ice chest. Camp Champ has no time for that: No, this box folds out to unveil what can only be described as a mobile kitchen.

There are shelves for spices. There is a cabinet with spots for plates, pots, and more. A four-burner gas stove will make you feel like you are cooking at home, the knife block gives you your choice of sharp edges, and there are even handy extras like garbage bag holders and surfaces that refold to turn into food preparation areas. For the tougher recipes, there’s also a grater and stainless steel strainer, as well as a coffee percolator for those early camp mornings.


Perhaps best of all, the Camp Champ folds back down into a box that’s not much bigger than the average crate, which makes it easy to store in your car next to other camping equipment. The structure is designed primarily out of plywood with sapele wood veneers, with added weatherproof finish, thermoplastic protection, and steel corners for greater protection. All in all, weighs about 88 pounds – hefty, but not unmanageable. Of course, you still have to clean everything and pack it carefully back away when you are finished, so this kitchen kit isn’t exactly for the lazy at heart.

It’s also not for those who prefer to stay cheap. The Camp Champ is made in Austria and currently only available for ordering in Europe, but the price works out to more than $6,000. That’s quite a lot to spend for some culinary camping unless you have a very serious hobby going on.

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  1. We love a bit of glamping but the price tags for these mobile kitchens are crazy. We took the best bits of all of these chuck box style mobile kitchens and had a local carpenter make one for us for £140!!! It fits more than the one pictured, incorporates an area for our camping stove, adjustable legs for uneven ground and is absolutely stunning. Employ a local craftsman – you’ll pay less and get something which fits your brief.

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