Sleep Anywhere Comfortably With The Camo-O-Bunk Portable Cot (video)

You’ll have no problem sleeping under the open stars on your next camping trip when you have the Camo-O-Bunk Portable Cot from Disco-O-Bed handy! The portable bunk is super cool not only because it’s portable and can literally go anywhere you do, but it’s also modular and durable so you can easily adjust or assemble it using just your hands; no tools are required whatsoever, thanks to its disc-based joints. You can easily use it as two single cots for your best bud to join you on that camping trip or as a bench when you get tired of hiking and need a bit of rest.

It’s also compatible with a number of tents and dome structures so you can easily fit in in a tent if you’re not up to sleeping under the stars. There’s also two cabinets and two side organizers to store all your crap and 7″ leg extensions that will add height between the beds or to your straight leg single cot (for those extra tall dudes out there). Get ready for your next big outdoor adventure by snagging one up on Amazon for $461.85.


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