When it comes to choosing amongst the best vlog cameras, you’re really picking between two options: camcorders vs. cameras. Cameras, for example, have made significant improvements when it comes to recording video. Some of the best cameras include digital SLRs, which can capture high-definition video recordings.

Of course, this begs the question, why bother with a camcorder? There are several reasons. The primary one is because it’s still the best method for recording your favorite memories.

Video Quality

There are a handful of digital cameras on the market that offering 720p recording, which doesn’t touch the 1080p option you’re going to get from even the most basic camcorders. If you want your memories to retain a crisp picture, your best bet is a camcorder.

You might find CMOS sensor cameras that offer 4K resolution, but the difference in screen quality is significant. Still, a standard definition camcorder will capture better slow motion and video quality than a digital camera.

Memory Options

Digital cameras record to SD cards; however, HD camcorders have the same capability. The primary difference when it comes to memory is that your digital camcorder saves videos to an internal drive as well. So, for example, your Canon Vixia HF is giving you more time to record than even the highest capacity SD card.


Your camcorder lens typically provides a better zoom quality, which means you’re getting advanced magnification features. There are several mirrorless camera and long-zoom digital cameras available on the market, but they don’t come close to what you’ll find with some camcorders.

In some instances, you might find that your digital camera lens doesn’t even work while filming. Even if they do, they’re not always as quiet as the lens on your digital camcorder. When you use a digital camera to film, you can often pick up the sound of the camera zooming in and out.

Audio Quality

When it comes to the quality of sound, microphones embedded in your camcorder are superior to the ones you’ll find in a digital camera. Camcorders offer many sophisticated options that are not available on digital cameras, like a sensor that will automatically zoom toward the source of a sound. Plus, there are camcorders on the market which can capture surround-sound, multi-channel audio.


Some of the better camcorders on the market allow you to adjust your image, change your field of view, and modify the shutter speed. Some of the best video cameras even offer high fps options or tools for creating slow-motion effects during or after recording.

Even the most expensive digital cameras aren’t going to give you the same features. All you can do is point and click.


Even though we live in an era where gadgets can perform many tasks at once, we still focus on core functionality. Camcorders, for instance, are designed to be held steady for long periods, which is why most offer image stabilization capabilities.

Unfortunately, digital cameras don’t offer these types of features. You might also find a wide-angle lens option with your digital camcorder as well, which digital cameras have fixed displays that you cannot move.

When it comes to camcorder vs. camera, it depends on what your needs are. If you’re recording video, then the clear choice is a camcorder. You’ll get plenty of advanced features, like image quality, that you just won’t get with a digital camera.

If you’re recording important memories, like your child’s first steps across the living room, or the final steps of graduation, your best bet is to stick with a camcorder.

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