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Cambridge Audio is a well known British manufacturer that is responsible for a wide range of technological products, and the Melomania 1 wireless earbuds are just a sample of the kind of quality they have in store. The true wireless headphones come with an impressive battery life of close to 9 hours of use after each charge, and a charging case that stores enough juice for up to four charging sessions. The Audio Melomania 1 wireless earphones rely on Bluetooth 5.0 technology to connect to an audio source, and with a 30-meter wireless range, users have a decent allowance of space to move around without having to carry the audio device that the earphones are connected to. Stick around for this Cambridge Audio Melomania 1 review to see if this set of earphones deserves a spot on our list of the best earbuds to go for in 2020.

Why We Like It – Cambridge Audio Melomania 1 Review

The super lightweight Cambridge Audio Melomania 1s are a perfect set to go for if you don’t want to deal with cables, and if you would appreciate a long battery life to avoid charging your earphones every now and then.

  • Lightweight
  • Long battery life
  • Great build quality
  • Poor mic quality


The Cambridge Audio earbuds support only two types of Bluetooth audio codecs; These would be aptX, which serves Android users well, and AAC, for iPhone and iOS users. The range of support isn’t as wide as that of the Shure SE215, but these two codecs ensure that sound quality remains okay regardless of which device you’re using. The true wireless earbuds also rely on a micro USB charging cable to get powered up, and come with noise cancelling technology so that you’ll be able to tune out unwanted ambience sounds through active noise control. When listening to music, bass frequencies sound just about right, with more emphasis being placed on the lows and highs. As for phone calls, the microphone quality isn’t really up to par with that of your regular smartphone, so you might want to just stick to listening to music with these earbuds.


The Cambridge Audio Melomania earbuds bear a cylindrical design that’s almost similar to that of the Sennheiser Momentum In-ear buds with the exception of the cables. This makes it easier to twist deeper into your ear in search of that perfect snug fit. If the silicone ear tips prove to be a bit difficult to use, then a better alternative would be to use memory foam tips that are sure to provide a good fit. These earphones come in either black or white, with a charging case that is easy to flick open with just one hand. The wireless charging case also spots 5 LED light indicators so that you always stay aware of how much juice is left.


If you’re looking for good audio quality & great sound without dishing out hundreds of dollars, then getting the Melomania 1 should be a no-brainer. These micro USB charging earbuds easily integrate with both Siri and Google Assistant, and with an IPX5 water resistance rating, they’ll still be okay if you choose to go to the gym with them or get caught up in a rain shower with them on – can’t say the same about the Bose QuietComfort 20 earphones.

Cambridge Audio Melomania 1 Review Wrap Up

Not many earbuds are capable of Hi Fi sound and decent noise cancellation abilities at the price range that you’ll find the Cambridge Audio Melomania 1s in. These earbuds deliver good quality audio, and have a very elegant look to boot.

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