Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 – Ground Zero With Nuketown 2045 (video)


We are just a mere 10-days shy of the next Activision mega-release. Yes sir, it’s November and for Activision that means it’s time to launch yet another Call of Duty shoot-em-up. This time in COD: Black Ops 2, events are set in the not-so-far-flung future. The game is throwing more gadgets and new features at the wall–something is bound to stick, hard and explode with body parts beautifully strewn all across your display screen. All aboard the heavily fortified GR Stealth Frigate are waiting with baited-breath for a “shot”. Me especially, I am a lover of the tomahawk and it’s looking to make an impaling return. Can’t wait! In the interim…

This little spot of media carnage highlights a return to the Nuketown, the infamous and highly claustrophobic map from the original COD: Black Ops. There, sitting still meant certain death and a taciturn stationary soldier seems to be just as out of place and fodder-bound on this new Nuketown, as it did before.

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