Best Call of Duty: Ghosts Pre-Order Deals & Comparison

Update: Ghosts is now released! Get the game for only $44.99 from Newegg on the 360, PS3, and Wii U. PC gamers should look at the Steam key deal which is $48.00 after coupon. Pretty rare for console gamers getting better price on release day.

As the big November 5th release date for Call of Duty: Ghosts draws near, you may have thought to nab a pre-order copy for yourself. This generally pans out well for AAA titles because: 1) the video game company has invested millions, so it’ll probably be good; and 2) they offer pre-order bonus incentives. The weekend before its release eight retailers are offering exclusive bonuses and we’re here to give you the low down.

Boiled down to their essence the best deals are:

  • PC gamers should get the Steam key of Ghosts at GMG for 20% off after coupon GMG20-P6Y1F-KC19F
  • After November 3rd, the only decent console offer is Best Buy with $10 in rewards points. But we’re hoping something more interesting will show up.
  • If you’re pre-ordering for an Xbox or PlayStation console (next gen or old gen), go with Dell’s $25 gift card bonus. The offer runs through November 3rd.

Fancy Pre-Order Comparison for COD: Ghosts

PC Xbox 360 PS3 Xbox One PS4
MSRP $59.99 $59.99 $59.99 $59.99 $59.99
GMG $48.99 with coupon
Dell $25 eGift Card $25 eGift Card $25 eGift Card $25 eGift Card $25 eGift Card
NewEgg $10 promo gift card $10 promo gift card $10 promo gift card $10 promo gift card $10 promo gift card
Best Buy $10 in Reward $10 in Reward + PSN Avatar Shirt $10 in Reward $10 in Reward
Microsoft $10 Xbox Gift Code $10 Xbox Gift Code
Amazon 2 Digital Wallpapers Federation Patch, 2 Wallpapers, + $5 SoA Credit Federation Patch, 2 Wallpapers, + $5 SoA Credit Federation Patch, 2 Wallpapers, + $5 SoA Credit Federation Patch, 2 Wallpapers, $5 SoA Credit
GameStop Classic Ghost Multiplayer Character Classic Ghost Multiplayer Character Classic Ghost Multiplayer Character Classic Ghost Multiplayer Character Classic Ghost Multiplayer Character
Walmart Mega Bloks Figure Mega Bloks Figure Mega Bloks Figure


All Pre-Orders Get the “Free Fall” Dynamic Bonus Map + Double XP Bonus

If you’ve dreamed of fighting your way through a collapsing building, a COD Ghosts pre-order might be in order. The “Free Fall” Dynamic bonus map is included on all platforms as is the Double XP bonus weekend starting November 8th and running through November 11th (whereas for Battlefield 4, the double XP bonus weekend was limited only to Gamestop pre-order).

Details on Each Retailer Pre-Order Bonus, Ranked from Good to Meh

1) Green Man Gaming:

The UK based digital retailer has a healthy 15% off coupon code saving the buyer eight bucks. This coupon will run through weekend, ending Monday, November 4th at 11AM Eastern.

2) Dell:

While not known for selling video games, Dell has a decent incentive to order through them. If you buy from them at full price ($59.99) they’ll give you a $25 promotional eGift Card. The gift card arrives via email 10-20 days after the game ships. It also carries a 90 day expiration. This $25 gift card offer expires Sunday, November 3rd.

3) NewEgg:

This weekend, NewEgg is throwing in a bonus $10 promotional gift card on Call of Duty: Ghosts. The offer began on Thursday, October 31st and will run through Saturday, November 2nd.

4) Best Buy:

If you’re a “My Best Buy” (formerly Rewards Zone) member, a pre-order gets you 500 bonus points ($10 worth). It’s notable that store pickup is not an option for Best Buy – only shipping, but shipping’s free.

5) Microsoft:

The $10 Xbox Gift Code isn’t a bad deal if you buy alot off things on Xbox LIVE, but can be a bit deceiving. The way it’s worded, one would think you get to use the $10 towards a purchase at the Microsoft Store, but in fact the Xbox gift code will arrive via email after purchase and is only redeemable on Xbox LIVE.

6) Amazon:

There are quite a few bonuses offered up at Amazon which you may or may not have use for. First you get an in-game Federation Patch, which a code is sent out via email if you pre-order for the Xbox 360, PS3, PS4, or Xbox One (no patch for the PC). Second you get two Amazon exclusive digital wall papers for your phone or PC, which are emailed out the moment you pre-order at Amazon. Lastly, you’ll get a $5 credit towards Season 5 of the Sons of Anarchy on Blu-Ray or DVD. The credit should be associated with the buyers account, so you should see it apply automatically when buying Sons of Anarchy.

7) GameStop:

If you really really enjoyed the classic ghost character from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, then GameStop’s bonus might appeal to you. He’ll be a playable multiplayer character if you order this GameStop exclusive.

8) Walmart:

For the action figure collector there’s Walmart’s exclusive Mega Bloks figure pre-order bonus. The figure is only included with copies of the PS3, PS4, Xbox One. The Xbox 360 figures are sold out.

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