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California Headphones Loredo On-Ear Headphones Review

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Cali Headphones Laredo

I’m sure you readers have done your considerable share of headbanging and B-boppin’. Now it’s time to indulge your other music tastes. California Headphones is a new company committed to producing exceptional sets of cans that enhance acoustic sounds and live performances. Their two newest offerings aim to breathe new life into the audio playback for stringed instruments and recorded concerts. And if you want to shop around, read our best over-ear headphones.

Today we give a listen to the lower end of the two–the Loredo Premium On-Ear Headphones. The design takes a page from headphones of old with primarily metal construction and parts, chromed tubing, friction-based fit adjustment, and true leather ear cushions. The tech behind it all… We have a set of 40mm Titanium drivers. Frequency response is 20-20,000 and the total harmonic distortion is less than .2%. That’s low! I appreciate all the metal for retaining high-quality sound. But the overall look is no head-turner.

CA Headphones Loredo

The Loredo’s offer more than good looks. The cord extends nearly 4ft (3.9ft to be exact) and is an attractive knitted zebra print, which is pretty snazzy. But, if you want to keep it out of the way, you’ll need to invest in a cord cruncher set. On that zebra “skin” you will find a second 3.5mm audio jack, creatively labeled the “Duo-Jack”. A second listener can enjoy audio from the exact same source. You can find this same feature on the Fanny Wang 1001 headphones. But don’t expect the audio quality to be as impressive unless your side-car listener is also sporting a pair of California Headphones. Interestingly, the Duo-Jack sucks power from your playback source. This way the audio quality is not compromised to retain power on your device. Good forward thinking!

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The packaging is indeed simple and rather Spartan. No unnecessary accessories, bags or other gimmicks to inflate the price tag. You get a rock-solid pair of cans for just under $100. Moreover, the sound quality is exceptional. You have never heard of headphones like these. The Loredo set of headphones bring lesser-heard instruments to the foreground. Some of these tracks I have owned for years. Guitars–both acoustic and electric–sing with new unheard enthusiasm. But not just those–snare, hi-hat, and other non-bass-related drum kits effects sound much bolder and punchier. Horns are given a new audible coat of paint as well.

It all will leave you completely floored. These headphones have out-performed the low-end JBL and the high-end V-Moda Crossfade LP2–the latter being nearly twice the price. The audio clarity is stunning. I feel this humble set of cans is even giving the mighty Beats by Dre Mixr headphones a good run for their exorbitant money. They definitely don’t bite into your ear cartilage, like the mighty Mixr set. In fact, the comfort is so smooth, that I almost forgot to mention it. Ha!

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CA Headphones Loredo1

The Loredo’s does not offer the most thumping bass. But then we knew that going in. These were not designed with hip-hop in mind. There is a bottomless sea of products to nursing your rap fix. With that said, the bass on the Loredo set is surprisingly solid and clear and hits with significant enough punch. They may not be made for hip-hop but the genre also benefits from these truly amazing set of cans in the California Headphones Loredo Premium On-Ear headphones.

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[Rating: 4.5/5]


Bottom Line: The Loredo from California Headphones will absolutely amaze. I could not be more surprised by the clarity and sounds it has unearthed in my existing music library–and for just $100!


  • Amazing audio quality
  • Highs and midranges sing like you wouldn’t believe
  • Duo-Jack is smart and novel inclusion
  • Metal constuction
  • Priced to GO!


  • Looks are nothing to write home about
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