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From our list of the Best Aluminum Polish comes the dynamic duo from California Customs. This combo product works great on most aluminum and metal surfaces. Be sure to check out other product reviews to compare and contrast what will be the best option for you.

Why We Like It – California Custom Products Purple Deoxidizer

The California custom products purple deoxidizer is a purple metal polish and deoxidizer combo. This is a two step cleaning process that brings the shine back on most metal surfaces. You first use the aluminum oxidizer to decontaminate the product, then you use the metal polish after to bring out a high glossy look.

  • Leaves no streaks
  • Restores many metal surfaces
  • Need to buy both for optimal use


To begin, you will need to apply the aluminum deoxidizer to clean the metal surface thoroughly. Next, you apply the purple polish metal polish which will leave your surfaces looking like new. This can be used on things like diamond plates, aluminum wheels, and many more. If you would like to see more polishes from our list please be sure to check out the chemical guys spi_402_16 restorer protectant.


This product is designed to work best as a combo. You may use other products along with the California custom brand, but it may not leave as optimal a shine. This product is made to remove the bluing from pipes. Another key feature is that the polish it will leave no streaks. Make sure you do not rub the polish because it needs to be buffed off. We understand that many people may not have a buffer available, so please consider other options like mothers 05101 mag aluminum polish which only requires a microfiber towel.


While this product is more expensive compared to others, you receive a bottle that contains the deoxidizer and another bottle that contains the polish. By the time you start polishing, your time to polish will be short thanks to the deoxidizer. One of the best features of these products is that it will leave no scratches which are a stress reliever. If you would like to see cheaper options, please check out the flitz plastic fiberglass 1 76 ounce blister.

California Custom Products Purple Deoxidizer Wrap Up

The California Custom products are pricier than most polishes, but it is guaranteed to do a much better job thanks to the deoxidizer that cleans the metal surfaces thoroughly before it is polished. This product is great because it will leave no scratches or streaks on surfaces while disintegrating any contamination it comes in contact with.

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