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If you are out in nature roasting under the sun, and you are looking for the Best Portable AC for Camping to bring down the temperature a couple of notches, the Cake arctic air portable personal evaporative cooler is an easy to use portable air conditioner that only needs some water to fully operate.

Why We Like It – Cake Arctic Air Portable Personal Evaporative Cooler

The Cake arctic air portable personal evaporative cooler refreshes your personal space and gives you peace of mind in the summertime or any other time you are trying to cool down. To use the device you simply have to fill up its water tank, you can add as many ice cubes as you want for colder air.

  • Easy Installation
  • Only needs water to cool down
  • Only two fan speeds


As previously stated, this personal air cooler uses water to blow out fresh air, but you can increase the coolness by adding some ice cubes into the tank for extra freshness. There are two speeds that you can adjust from, ranging from high and low. You can set up an automatic timer that goes from 1 to 12 hours so you can spend less time adjusting and more time enjoying the cool air. This is the ideal size for one or two people at most, so if you are looking for something significantly bigger, feel free to check out the Black and Decker portable air conditioner 14000 btu.

Energy efficiency

You won’t have to worry about this portable evaporative air cooler raising your electricity bill or draining your generator since it is not a hefty device to work with and it can operate on batteries. It takes about as much electricity as a regular fan, except with this product you have the luxury of cold water to help you cool down. If you would like to check out more of our recommendations, you may want to check out our number one pick: the Ontel portable air conditioner.


The filters on these air conditioners are made from paper, so they may require more replacements than other models. You may want to be considerate with the maintenance of this personal space cooler to ensure that you are always receiving cool air and not air filled with moldy particles. As long as you are changing the filters as needed, you will have nothing to worry about.


This portable air conditioning device lasts as long as you manage to properly upkeep it. Failure to change the filters and such will leave you unsatisfied with your product’s cooling capacity. It is also important to realize that this unit is built for no more than a couple of people at most, and you should not expect to cool down a whole room with this device. If you would like to see a product with bigger capacities, then you may want to check out the Frigidaire ffra0511r1.


This is an inexpensive solution for cooling yourself down. Unlike other portable air conditioners, with this product, you have the ability to adjust the timer from one to twelve hours, which means you will spend less time adjusting it. It is also a good product because you will be able to operate it through USB or batteries. Anyone will be able to use it since it does not have an extensive amount of operations; you add water and some ice to the tank, and you power it up and instantly feel cooler.

Cake Arctic Air Portable Personal Evaporative Cooler Wrap Up

While some customers would have preferred to have at least one more speed setting on this device, the Cake arctic air portable personal evaporative cooler presents a quick and easy solution to cooling down your personal space, and the most work you will have to do is fill the tank with water and ice, and change the filter every now and then.

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