Cable Matters Assorted Self Locking 12 Inch Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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The Black White Cable Matters Combo Pack Assorted Wire Ties are easy to combine together for an increase in an already impressive 48lb tensile strength. You may want to keep this combining to a minimum though as the ties are single-use only. Check out our best cable ties list for more great options to tie yourself over. You can use these ties for keeping wires neat after you purchase one of our best home theater systems.

Why We Like It – Cable Matters Assorted Self Locking 12 Inch

The Cable Matters Assorted Self Locking 12 Inch is a medium-duty cable tie rated at a 48lb tensile strength that can be further increased by combining the ties. The ties come in a pack of 200, the largest we’ve seen, and come in small, medium, and large sizes so you can always have the preferred zip tie on hand.

  • Combine Ties Together for an Increase in Tensile Strength
  • Best for Computer and Other Indoor Use Ties
  • Made from Fire-Resistant Materials
  • Indoor Use Only
  • Single-Use Ties


The Cable Matters Self Locking 12 Inch Nylon Cable Ties are rated with a 48 lb tensile strength. By combining the ties together, you can get a tensile strength increase and thus be able to wrap or hang heavier items if need be. And with the rounded edges, combining them shouldn’t be a problem. The Cable Matters Nylon Ties Tie Wraps Zip Ties are single use ties only, unfortunately. If you’d prefer multiple use ties, consider the VELCRO Brand Reusable Fastening Organizing.


The Cable Matters Nylon Cable Ties Tie Wraps are medium-duty cable ties that come in black and white for home office garage workshop or any other type of indoor use. While they make great plastic ties for indoor use, they can only be used indoors. Check out the TR Industrial TR88302 Multi Purpose Cable for nylon cables ties you can use outdoors. The Cable Matters 12 Inch Nylon Cables Ties are designed with rounded edges which makes them easy to handle and prevents them getting caught in tight spaces. Record LPs and tapes to CDs after reading our Behringer U-Phono UFO202 review.


The Cable Matters Nylon Zip Ties come in a variety of sizes right out of the pack. Small Medium, and large sizes (6, 8, and 12 inches) are available in a single pack of 200. If you’re the type who needs to use a lot of zip ties, these variety of sizes and the large pack are what you need. You can also check out the Attmu Reusable Fastening Microfiber 6 Inch for a budget-friendly alternative. The Cable Matters Zip Ties are also constructed using fire-resistant materials so you know they won’t break just because there’s a little heat. Read our Creative Sound Blasteraxx AXX200 Intelligent wireless sound system review to get the best quality sound.

Cable Matters Assorted Self Locking 12 Inch Wrap Up

The Cable Matters Tie Wraps Zip Ties are great for tying up your pesky computer wires and, really, just about any other indoor tying you need done. They’re fire-resistant, so you don’t need to worry about them breaking if it’s a little hot. But make sure you’re only using them inside, as the heat from the sun may cause them to break.

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