A number of years ago, at CES, I was introduced to the ADS, otherwise known as an Area Denial System. It was an array of tasers, that could for lack of better words tase the sh*t out of a group of people if they presumably tried to bumrush something or someone. I suppose you could very well set one up in your home, but since it’s unidirectional, it won’t do much good if the burglar enters through a skylight, window, or anywhere that it isn’t facing. And let’s not overlook how impractical it really is, unlike the Burglar Blaster.

The innocuous looking box can be mounted anywhere in your home with no wiring required – it runs off a set of C batteries that last up to 4 years. Once installed it works like a traditional infrared (motion detecting) burglar alarm system, allowing occupants to arm and disarm upon leaving and entering. What makes it unorthodox, is what the Burglar Blaster does when the alarm is tripped; it blasts out 4 ounces of OC pepper spray, which is said to protect an area up to 2000 square feet in size.

According to the company behind it, there is no clean up required if the pepper spray is emitted, it includes both a key switch and a concealed manually activated on/off switch, 0-40 second entry delay time, a battery test circuit, and a reload system that requires no tools.

Also, checkout their Tripwire and Decintegrator systems.

Christen Costa

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