Bullfrog Bluetooth Speaker Keeps The Music Going Outdoors

There is no shortage of Bluetooth speakers on the market, allowing you to enjoy your music outdoors. They come in very handy for playing music while you are working in the yard, having a get-together, picnics etc.  However, most of these speakers are not built to be rugged and stand up to harsh outdoor conditions. You need the best smart speaker.

360 Degree Sound Will Make Your Music Sound Great

The Bullfrog from Kicker is built for any and all weather conditions and it features 360 degrees of sound, a 100-foot range, and a device charging Kicker Connect App. The bullfrog is designed for outdoor music when things are sunny and when things get messy. There are a few models to choose from.

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The BF400 model The BF400 has a built-in FM tuner, AUX jack and charging USB connection, with a range of up to 100 feet. It will deliver up to 20 hours of playback on a single charge and of course, shoot out 360 degrees of sound. You can pair up two Bullfrogs with the DoubleKICK Connect App wirelessly too. Whether you are in the sand, near the waves, in the sun, or in the mud, Bullfrog’s IP66 rating means total reliability for years.

The BF200 has the same 20-hour battery life, the same 100-foot range and you can connect your smartphone directly to the speaker via the AUX input or charging USB connection. The rest of the specs remain pretty much the same, with the BF200 being a bit smaller.

Bullfrog Bluetooth Speaker Kicks The Music Going Outdoors
Bullfrog is an all-weather speaker.

Choose The Model That is Right For You

The BF100 is the smallest in the line and it will give you 12 hours on a single charge. Again, much of the specs are the same, but this model is fully waterproof. You could toss it in a lake or in the pool and it will float.

The Bullfrog line of Bluetooth speakers is a great alternative for anyone who wants a rugged speaker that won’t be threatened by weather. Take it with you, play your tunes and don’t worry about a thing.

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