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Updated June 27, 2022
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Having a genuine leather wallet should give you a sense of prestige since it’ll last over a longer period before you feel you need to get a new one. The Bull Captain Wallet is a good example of a genuine leather wallet made from Cowhide leather and features breathable polyester lining. Going for only $27 with free shipping, the wallet is fairly affordable compared to the Best Cool Wallets in the market. Could it be the Best Zipper Wallet for you? Let’s find out.

Why We Like It – Bullcaptain Wallet

Ever used a cowhide leather product before? The Bullcaptain Wallet is made out of such, and since it also features RFID blocking technology, you need not worry about anyone stealing your credit card info as you wait somewhere in the line.

  • Up to 12 card slots
  • RFID blocking technology
  • Flip out ID card holder for easy access
  • Only available in 3 colors


The Bull Captain Leather Wallet may look slightly bulky than the MaxGear Credit Card Wallet with Zipper, but this is mainly because of its convenient flip out ID cardholder. On the back of this flip out, you will notice an emboss of the Bull Captain logo, which is also found again inside on the front of the card slot holder. The Men’s leather wallet features a zipper enclosure to keep your belongings safely stored, and the zipper zips and unzips very smoothly, so you shouldn’t expect it to have any problems even with continued use.


As with most items made of genuine leather, the Bullcaptain wallet is guaranteed to last a pretty long time, but you might want to make sure that it’s kept away from rain or even direct sunlight so that the material stays in top shape. It’s a much better choice than the nylon-made Victorinox wallet and is sure to keep off any wear and tear for a long time.


You’ll be able to store many things inside the Bull Captain’s wallet, which is thanks to its numerous credit card slots and its well-sized coin purse. There are a total of 12 credit card slots inside, as well as 2 main cash compartments, which is already a lot more than the FurArt Credit Card Wallet has to offer. If you want a more versatile wallet, The Pitaka Magwallet UE has features you won’t normally find in a wallet, like special slots for your keys and your SIM card.


The Bullcaptain wallet may be large, but it is certainly not bulky. The wallet measures about 4.72 x 3.54 x 1.18 in size, so it should easily be able to fit into both your front and your back pocket. It’s got an arguably slim profile, so you shouldn’t expect it to bulge as you use it.


Available in either Black, Brown, or Coffee, the Bullcaptain Wallet is a great pick for anyone who wants to have a stylish and versatile wallet. It also features RFID blocking technology, and this is important because it prevents any form of theft that may occur through electronic pickpocketing.

Bullcaptain Wallet Wrap Up

Bullcaptain as a brand has enjoyed a lot of customer loyalty stemming from the good quality of their products, despite having been established fairly recently in 2014. The manufacturer specializes in genuine, long-lasting leather products, so you can bet that you’ll be with the Bullcaptain Wallet for a long time if you go ahead and buy it.

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