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If you have an outdoor kitchen, you might be looking for the best grills that will stay put under the weather. Well, in that case, the Bull Grill is a phenomenal gas grill to go for. It should be on top of your list if you’re looking for the best built-in grills available on Amazon.

Why We Like It – Bull Grill

The Bull Grill is a fantastic heavy-duty built-in grill that comes at a reasonable price point. Gas grills in this range are usually overpriced, but this Bull Angus grill made by Bull Outdoor Products actually deserves its price tag. For another great built-in option to consider, you can read all about the KitchenAid Grill. Additionally, if you want to check out other grills, we have great guides on many different types, like these great propane grills or great pellet grills by Pit Boss.

  • Extremely easy installation
  • 810 square inches of cooking surface
  • 15000 BTUs back burner
  • The warming rack is just 210 square inches
  • Very high heat

Power & Heating

The Bull 4-burner Angus Gas grill is not just a heavy-duty grill in the name; it also performs excellently well like the best built-in grills. The main infrared burner is rated for up to 60,000 BTUs of heat, while the back infrared burner is rated for up to 15000 BTUs and a rotisserie kit. It is way more powerful than even the gas grills above its price range (e.g., the Summerset Grill). But for some users, it might be just a bit too powerful to handle/control. For a grill with better temperature control, read our George Foreman indoor/outdoor grill review.

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Size & Versatility

Just like the Napoleon Burners Prestige PRO 665 Natural Gas Grill, this one is also massive in both size and weight. And the size benefits (other than the fairly small warming rack) are pretty much limitless if you have the backyard space. Although for a smaller option, you can check out the Napoleon Prestige 500 or check out our Cuisinart grill review for an option that has a round griddle. Or, if you prefer the traditional square cooking area, read our Royal Gourmet Gas Grill review for another griddle option.


Pretty much the whole construction of the Bull Angus grill is made of stainless steel. And it is heavy-duty stainless steel construction, not just some thin coating like the one present on the Blaze Grill. Compared to other gas grills in its class, it’s well made from top to bottom. As you’ll see in our Char-Griller Akorn Kamado review, this little grill is just as tough. Still, learning basic grill repair is smart, just in case something goes wrong during use.

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Ease Of Use

Despite the massive list of features, it’s not an easy grill to operate, even though it has a temperature gauge built into the lid to ensure you have the perfect temperature and a reliable Piezo ignition system. New grill owners should avoid grills like these. But for a veteran/professional user, the huge cooking surface (810 square inches) and the fantastic performance are pretty much perfect. For another great grill, check out the one in our Blackstone 36 stainless steel griddle review.


The value aspect of this grill is very similar to all the other aspects. Grills that can perform on par or better than this one cost at least 200-300 bucks more. And the build quality of it is also so good that it will last a lifetime. And even if it doesn’t, it comes with a lifetime warranty. It really doesn’t get any better than this.

Bull Grill Wrap Up

All in all, the Bull Grill is a fantastic grill that comes with an aesthetically-appealing design and stainless steel body. If you need a gas grill to keep in an outdoor kitchen, this will be a tremendous choice overall. And, if you want to keep the grill in perfect working order, make sure you know how to keep mice out of your grill.