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Let’s talk about this right off the bat and say that the lack of a money clip is kind of a weird design choice for a minimalist wallet. Or perhaps bold is the correct choice of word here. Still, it’s a power move that can pay-off and put Buffway Wallets on the map which we think they’ve accomplished. Check out our list of cool wallets to find the right wallet for you!

Why We Like It – Buffway Wallet

The Buffway Slim Wallet makes some bold design choices concerning the money clip, but they pull-off these choices with great effect. Combine this with excellent RFID blocking technology, a fair amount of card slots, and a fair price, the Buffway Slim Wallet will make an excellent choice for anyone looking for a minimalist wallet. If you’re a techie, check out how to get the LithiumCard Wallet Battery Pack for over 60% off.

  • Finger Holes for Easy Access to cards
  • Slim, lightweight, and made of genuine leather
  • Affordable
  • RFID reduces the number of bills you can fit
  • No money clip


It’s easy to access cards with the Buffway Slim Wallet because of the finger holes which allow you to push a frequently used credit card up instead of having to dig in from the top. The Buffway Wallet also features RFID Blocking Technology and this RFID blocking is stitched right into the leather. This doesn’t leave much room for bills, unfortunately, but it’s always good to make sure your banking information can’t be stolen. If you want to fit the maximum number of banknotes in your wallet, try the Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Cool Wallet.


The Buffway Slim RFID Blocking Leather houses a total of eight card slots. Four slots for holding credit cards, debit cards, and others, one ID window, two side-slip pockets, and one middle pocket for cash which is all standard game for a minimalist design. Measuring 4.45”x3.15”x0.12” it’s definitely a slim wallet that can slip into your front pocket easily. It’s also crafted from genuine leather, which is an added bonus. If you’re shopping around for a similarly designed minimalist wallet you should check out the Travando Slim Cool Wallet.


The Buffway Slim Leather Wallet retails on Amazon for around $13 depending on what finish you want to get. This is an excellent price for a wallet of this quality. If you want something classier and a little more card-friendly, try the ARW Slim Cool Wallet. The lack of a money clip is a real shocker, let’s be honest, especially for a minimalist designed wallet. However, Buffway is able to pull it off with great effect. Whether a pouch or money clip, you would always only be able to store about five banknotes. The only downside is that, without the slip, your money is slightly harder to get to.

Buffway Wallet Wrap Up

Retailing for only $13 means you can try the Buffway Slim Wallet without having to break the bank. On Amazon it even comes with a generous refund and return policy. You have up to a whole year to refund or replace your wallet because of their 100% satisfaction guarantee. Just another reason to choose a Buffway Slim Wallet!

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