Correct me if I’m wrong, but the bevel webcam – you know the one built-in to all Macbooks – was added such that you don’t have to carry around yet another piece of hardware from place to place.  Well, apparently the Ecamm Network ain’t buying this, because they’re set to launch a wireless webcam, the BT-1.  It connects to your laptop, or desktop via Bluetooth, streams h.264 encoded 640×480 video at up to 30 feet and offers a 4 hour battery life. It may not be the best Logitech webcam, but it’s certainly a change in the current tech.

The BT-1 is due to ship in March and will cost $149, a price most folks probably aren’t willing to pay.  Plus given Apple’s latest patent, we might just see an iPhone app that enables streaming from the device itself.

You can preorder the BT-1 here


Christen Costa

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  1. I'm buying this to use on animation projects with children. iPhone streaming would be great, but I need something now.

  2. i have a 2009 unibody macbook pro. i love my macbook, but i completely disagree with you. i love having the built in i sight camera, but you cant take pictures or video of anything unless the macbook is facing it. i am going to buy this webcam so i can use a webcam without sitting in front of the macbook screen

  3. I would buy it under one condition, The Iphone App. Bluetooth Video Is an awsome concept, just make it so I don’t need a fat a** OS to run it.

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