BSX Insight Measures Athletic Horsepower, Wearable Athletic Sensor Pairs With Your Sports Watch

BSX insight

Thanks to innovative technology, athletes can monitor important stats to help them improve on their form. The new Kickstarter campaign for the BSX  Insight athletic monitor is said to be the most powerful monitor since it combines the activity measurements of four different devices into one sleek package. Not only will it record your heart rate, pace, calories burned and cadence (as other monitors do), but the BSX Insight will also record your Lactate Threshold, which is your athletic horsepower. It’s also the first and only wearable device that features a smart sensor that can sync at the same time with both ANT+ and Bluetooth 4.0 so you have more flexibility on the go when  you want to check your stats on your sports watch.

The device lets you know in real time, whether you should speed up, slow down or even rest since it looks “inside” your muscle during physical activity to measure real bio signals that will determine how hard your body is working and then compare it to how hard it should be. By pairing it with your sports watch, you’ll be able to get the most out of your race or game day. This will help athletes redefine their capabilities and continually set new personal records and goals, pushing them to their max. Not only will the BSX help athletes, but it’ll help provide important info to coaches. There are three editions of the device: Runner’s Edition thats capable of measuring and maintaining lactate threshold profiles for a single user; Multi Sport Edition that includes both running and cycling profiles and has enhanced capabilities that allow a user to measure and simultaneously maintain multiple lactate thresholds for each of their sports, plus other advanced metrics like bike cadence; and finally the Team Edition that’s designed for multiple users and can hold up to 10 profiles at the same time on a single device, which is perfect for coaches.


Using it is simple. Just snap the monitor into the compression sleeve and slip it on your leg then pair it to a sports watch via ANT+ or Bluetooth. Then start your watch to begin recording your workout/physical activity. While you’re out, you follow any audio/visual vibration alerts to speed up/down and simply enjoy your workout, leaving the device to calcite the data. After each workout you sync the data via a wireless upload and review your stats on their free web-based software, trainBSX. If you want, you can share with coaches or friends. Get the Runners Edition for pledging $179+ or $219+ for the Multi-Sport one. The Team Edition is yours for $799+.

BSX Insight

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