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As part of the Bryant Preferred series, this Bryant AC aims to be among the best Bryant can put out, beaten out only by the higher-end Evolution line. Bringing a high seer rating and Energy Star certification to the table, it’s one of many Bryant air conditioners focused on providing performance and efficiency. If you’re looking for the best central air conditioner on a mid-range budget, the Bryant Air Conditioner arguably fits the bill.

The Bryant Air Conditioner is a solid air conditioning system that’s a solid step above the Bryant Legacy line, bringing better efficiency to the table in a package that doesn’t entirely break the bank. Though it’s not the cheapest unit around among top-tier air conditioners, it’s a solid purchase that gets the job done. Plus, with service for the single-stage compressor and outdoor unit readily available, this air conditioner is a reliable choice.

  • Good cooling performance
  • Energy efficient
  • Better than single-stage models
  • Less efficient than the Bryant Evolution series


The Bryant Air Conditioner is a solid performer, providing excellent indoor air quality at a solid–if a bit high–price. It’s efficient and provides good air conditioning performance, providing a marked improvement over lower-end models like the Amana Central Air Conditioner that can’t match it in performance or efficiency.

Energy Efficiency

While its rating of 17 SEERs isn’t quite the highest on the market, beaten out by the high-end Carrier Central Air Conditioner, it’s still one of the most efficient central air conditioners in its price bracket. It’s more efficient than lower-end units like the Goodman GSX13, providing reasonably quiet, efficient operation. Cost-wise, this model falls in the mid-range of air conditioner models available, offering a price range that is often considered to be excellent value for those looking for an energy-efficient unit.


Filtration isn’t an issue at all on the Bryant Central Air Conditioner. It comes with an inbuilt filter drier, which serves two purposes. The first purpose is to keep particulate matter out of the unit, providing a layer of protection. The second is to keep moisture from building up inside of the unit, in turn preventing tubing from freezing over. Compare that with the Breezewell 2-IN-1 Space Heater & Evaporative Air Cooler that has filters fitted inside which work against air pollution and unwanted particles.

On the other hand, seasonal energy efficiency can be maximized by using efficient air conditioners and smart thermostats to keep indoor temperatures comfortable. Variable speed technology helps to further fine-tune the energy savings, while still providing affordable prices.


Between its filter drier and its high/low-pressure switches, durability isn’t a problem on the Bryant Air Conditioner. It’s well-built, with reliable components, and its physical build quality and build materials are built to last. It should hold up fine over the years, and in the rare event it doesn’t, it has a long warranty to take care of that. Just like with the Bryant Legacy Air Conditioner that has a 10-year part limited warranty.


Value is the main weak point of the Bryant Air Conditioner. It’s a fairly pricey unit that sits dangerously close to better, more efficient models, while it nearly doubles the price of cheaper, still-reliable models. It’s not a terrible value proposition, but it could be better. To determine it’s worth the cost, we consulted customer reviews, energy-efficient cooling technologies, and efficiency ratings. As we found out, this model offers a great balance between power usage and effectiveness.

Bryant Air Conditioner Wrap Up

The Bryant Air Conditioner is a solid mid-range offering with a price tag that’s a bit difficult to justify, but not impossible. If stepping up to a higher-end model isn’t an option, you’re looking at the right unit; go to your local Bryant dealer and pick one up if you can afford it. If you can stretch your budget a bit to get something better, it’s wise to do so. If you do end up with the Bryant Air Conditioner, you won’t regret it; it’s a solid unit; it’s just priced a bit weirdly