Check out the best coffee maker grinder then read on for a cool smart coffee maker. A growing number of smart coffee makers are hitting the scene at Kickstarter and other places, trying to find that sweet spot of automation and affordability to make it – or at least get a sponsorship for some BB&B shelf space. But we have to admit, Bruvelo looks most professional than most of them.

This smart coffee maker has the expected sleek, torpedo design that is an absolute requirement these days, and naturally comes with app controls, but it also features a very cool, solid base with a round, friendly touchscreen located right by your coffee cup for quick commands.

From the start, Bruvelo comes with three primary modes or flavor profiles. Pick one of the profiles, and the coffee maker will automatically adjust grinding and brewing specs to aim for a particular taste and feel. However, the real fun begins when you bring up the app and create your own recipes. You can adjust temperature, water ratios, steep time and more to get your coffee exactly how you want…perfect for aficionados who already know their beans and have an idea what to do in order to bring out the flavor.


Of course, you can also use the app for simpler controls. Set a timer via your smartphone and change it on the fly if you feel like sleeping in, or decide if you want coffee moment by moment by using the “brew” button.

The Bruvelo is also designed to hold a number of different filters based on what you prefer. Paper, metal, recycled cardboard – you can pick the right setting and the machine will work with you to get it done.

Sounds classy so far, and the Kickstarter has been very, very successful, but lets take a look at pricing. Some of the early bird prices are gone, but you can still get one for $300 on the site. However, when this coffee machine hits the shelves, it’s going to cost $420, which may put it a bit out of your price range unless coffee is a serious hobby – and maybe that’s the point.

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