Go Off The Grid For Up To A Week With Brute Box Coolers

Brute Box Coolers

Our best coolers ice camping list is a great place to start when looking for a cooler. For the hardcore, adventure seeking individuals who want to go off the grid for as long as possible comes Brute Box Coolers that can keep your food and water chilled for up to five days straight before the frozen ice starts to become water. That’s five uninterrupted days of outdoor fun without having to stop and head into town for the nearest gas station to pick up more ice. It’s able to do this thanks to 2″ of think-pressure-injected insulation, heavy duty rubber latches and a full-length cantilevered hinges and more. A locking lid makes sure to keep everything air tight, while, it’s oversized anti-skid feet makes sure it won’t move around when on slippery surfaces like boats.

brute box coolers

And the cooler can take a beating, its one-piece construction and flush mound hinges allows it to get knocked around without bursting open. It’s as tough as nails and comes in quite useful when you’re trying to make the most out of your outdoor vacation this summer. And because every outdoorsman is different, so are the coolers; their size ranges from 25 QT for those quick fishing trips or 150 QT. for those five-day camping trips with your best buds. Price starts at $229 for the smallest cooler and goes up to $519 for the largest, but all feature the same hardcore features.

brute box coolers

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