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Living in a small apartment may be cheap, but it has its downfalls… Not enough space, no yard, small balcony, thin walls, etc. And not having a a large enough balcony to house your BBQ might really suck for those who enjoy their food cooked on the grill. Our review of the Fuego F24C gas grill review will show you another space saving grille.  Well, that doesn’t have to suck anymore since the Bruce Handrail Grill is small enough to fit on your balcony without taking up much space! Yup, you can easily enjoy your BBQ ribs and chicken anytime you please with this handy little BBQ. If your apartment doesn’t even have a balcony, you’ll also find our review of the Element indoor smokeless BBQ useful. If you typically grill on a propane grill, you should also read our review of how Truma’s propane tank LevelCheck will make BBQing easier. The Bruce Handrail Grill was designed by Henrik Drecker, who must have understood the lack of space that comes with urban living. The grill combines the function of a grill with the principle of a flower pot since it simply hangs on the handrail as a flower pot would and does not need much space. It can also be hanged on the handrail or even the wall, making it great to fit in  tiny spaces. Make your summer delicious with this handy grill that’s going for 59 Euros or $77 (at the current exchange rate).

Bruce Handrail Grill

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