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The future of sewing, yes sewing has arrived.  Brother is set to introduce the Quattro 6000D at this years CES, which is the World’s ‘First Camera Built Into a Sewing and Embroidery Machine’.  I’m no home maker and this thing has piqued my interest.

Placed just above the needle is a tiny camera, which shows in painstakingly close detail where the needle is entering into the fabric.  All the action is viewed via a wide angle HD LCD screen that provides 32 square inches of up close viewing.  It’s not completely clear, but the machine also includes ‘sensor positioning stickers’, that act as a sort of guide for where to begin and end sewing designs.

Expect more details to emerge at CES ’09.

Full CES announcement below

Brother has introduced the newest high-tech sewing, embroidery, quilting and crafting machine that offers unparalleled features and state-of-the-art technology, the Quattro™ 6000D. The machine has set industry standards for sewing and embroidery technology and contains features that you have to see to believe such as exclusive InnovEye™ Technology and an Up-close™ Viewer, which projects a magnified view of the needle area onto the display. This industry first is like having a built-in camera above the needle, so you can see exactly where the needle will be placed into the fabric!

All of this action is visible on the wide-angle HD LCD display by Sharp Corporation, which delivers nearly 32 square inches of razor sharp graphics and 260,000 possible colors with no color shifting. Designs are rendered three times faster than previous models, and projects are viewed using Brother’s Runway™ Lighting. Ten inches of full-spectrum lighting surround the needle area, equaling the power of 56 standard LED lights. Ease-of-use is further complemented with over 50 square inches of work space.

Revolutionizing the art of crafting, the Quattro™6000D offers Print and Stitch™ Technology, a unique multimedia art form that combines embroidery with printed backgrounds for customized home décor, wearable embroidery art and much more. Embroidery placement is effortless thanks to the machine’s ability to identify the included sensor positioning stickers. Users simply place the Snowman™ sticker in the embroidery hoop, and the Quattro™6000D places the needle exactly on the desired embroidery location!

With on-screen movie tutorials and 11 instructional videos, help is at your fingertips and sewing, embroidering, quilting, and crafting is easier than ever! The Quattro™ 6000D appeals to the technologically-advanced generation of sewers and is so much more than you Grandmother’s sewing machine.