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Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a show about cops and their lives in and out of the station. This show is a comedy in the sense that more than half the time viewers will be subject to the hilarious gags of Jake Peralta. His goofiness makes him seem like he is no threat, but oftentimes he is a spontaneous genius that connects evidence together and captures the latest crook. This TV show made our list for Best Shows on Hulu alongside The Handmaid’s tale.

Why We Like It – Brooklyn Nine-Nine Review

Brooklyn Nine Nine takes all the seriousness of a cop drama and adds Andy Samberg into the mix, which makes it a hilarious show worthy of bingeing. The show still tries to maintain a serious tone overall since it is supposed to be a cop drama, but often the whole crew often find themselves lollygagging because of Jake Peralta (Andy Samberg) and his coworkers. In the end they always find a way to get the job done.

  • Feels like The Office
  • Good character development
  • More goofing around than catching perps


This series features many great actors. The people with the most power in the office include Terry Crews as Lieutenant Terry Jeffords and Andre Braugher as Captain Holt. Melissa Fumero stars as Amy Santiago, one of Jake’s partners. The series is recorded to be viewed as a sitcom usually taking place in the police station or out on a run to catch criminals. While this series can fully satisfy any comedy craving, if you’d prefer to watch something a little more serious I will suggest The Act.


The design of this show is written to feel like a comedic cop drama. The usual scenes in the series revolve around Jake, Amy, and other cops receiving tasks of the day by their higher ups. They usually start by lollygagging with the chiefs, and at the end of the episode they either bring home a fail or a last minute win. The show is off and is pretty entertaining all the way through. Another entertaining series that is also easy to watch will be Bob’s Burgers. There is significant character development between all the police officers as they learn from their mistakes but also go on to try new things amongst themselves.


This is the perfect choice for anyone trying to watch a hilarious series that involves cops. Jake Peralta and friends are sure to cause more mayhem and favors for their boss as they stroll through the office. This show does not go stale as the characters’s shenanigans provide many laughs for us while they catch the worst guy of the day. But in the case that this comical series doesn’t fit right, Atlanta is a great show about up and coming rappers.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Review Wrap Up

Brooklyn Nine-Nine takes everything about a cop drama and adds a significant amount of comedy that include employees goofing off while still managing to catch the perp. It is the perfect blend of funny and serious because while the characters act like life is all fun and games, their situations are often very serious and require a massive amount of focus and dedication to accomplish.

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