British Millionaire Makes Electric Supercar From Lotus Exige

Green technology, supercars, possibly badly spent taxpayer money and an aging rocker posing against the sunset – are these not the borderline glorious elements of a genre B-movie?

48-year old Dale Vince built his £1 million electric supercar with the help of none other than an epic, B-movie-worthy team of engineers who have been historically responsible for car legends like the McLaren F1 and the DeLorean. A Lotus Exige bought on eBay was the donor vehicle for the eco-friendly beast that’s supposed to be able to match some of the speediest fuel-injected supercars.

Using 96 lithium-ion polymer cells, it can go for 100 to 150 miles between charges. It gets recharged in nine hours from a regular outlet, and in just two using its fast charger.

Dale Vince’s Ecocitry used £400,000 from the Government’s Technology Strategy Board to build the 330 horsepower electric car, despite its owner’s £3 mil fortune.

‘It looks totally inappropriate for a millionaire to be cruising around in a sports car funded, at least in part, by the rest of us’ says Fiona McEvoy, who is the campaign manager for The TaxPayers’ Alliance.

Currently the car has topped off at a speed of 135mph, which is under the British electric car record of 139mph, but Ecotricity seems to think the car will be able to reach 170mph.


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