Brickhouse Security GPS Tracker Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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Tracking is one of the most necessary services we need today, so it’s essential to get the Best GPS Tracker. If you want to track a vehicle or someone from New York to Mexico then having one of the Best Car Tracker GPS systems is a must. This type of device provides constant updates about their position and a great option is the Brickhouse Security GPS Tracker!

Why We Like It – Brickhouse Security GPS Tracker

The Brickhouse Security GPS Tracker may not be much to look at, but it offers simple GPS tracking on a battery-free system for less than $30.

  • Affordably Priced
  • Works Throughout North America
  • Battery-Free Operation
  • Only Works in Vehicles
  • 60-Second Location Updates


Performance starts with efficiency. In terms of efficiency, it may not be the best car tracker but does offer a quality GPS tracking capability. As for performance, the first thing is the network. This GPS tracker works on a 4G network which provides you with the highest network speed for tracking. Since it gives regular updates every 60 seconds, it’s good for tracking drivers but also for locating your vehicle if it gets stolen (for faster updates check out our LandAirSea 54 review). Which GPS tracker is ideal for monitoring the location, calls, and texts of your kids? A good options is featured in our Cocospy review.


This product does not come with a battery (our AMERICALOC GL300W review covers a device with excellent battery life). Since you don’t need a battery to use this device, just plug the device into the OBD-2 port to use it. Unfortunately, this makes it impossible to track someone without a vehicle. It does, however, help you to deal with the battery issue so there is no worry about the battery going out. Still, if your only goal is to track a vehicle then the Brickhouse device will work just fine.

Ease of Use

Since this GPS tracker device is essentially plug and play, it’s extremely easy to use. The lack of a battery eliminates any need to monitor (and maintain) a charge, so as long as your vehicle is working then you’re good to go! If you do happen to run into issues, Brickhouse offers 24/7 customer service to assist you. With simple installation, automatic alerts, and geofencing technology, this tracker offers an easy solution to all of your daily vehicle tracking needs. A different car tracker you can check out is described in the Bouncie car tracker review.


As it’s intended for use only in vehicles, this GPS tracker lacks any shock, dust, pressure, or water-resistant features. The black, plastic casing should be more than sufficient for normal day-to-day use, but you shouldn’t expose it to anything beyond that if you plan on using the device for a long time. On the plus side, the simplicity of the design leaves little to be broken externally, so even if you drop it it’s unlikely to suffer a lot of damage.


This GPS tracker is a bit cheaper than many other options on the market, and there’s a reason for that – it simply lacks the functionality of multi-purpose models. It can only be used in vehicles and only offers 60 second updates, placing it far behind other tracking devices. Still, it costs less than $30, has free shipping, and comes with a 30-Day Money Back guarantee, so you definitely get what you pay for despite these shortcomings. Whether it’s worth it or not is ultimately up to you!

Brickhouse Security GPS Tracker Wrap Up

Overall, this is a decent vehicle GPS tracker. The lack of a battery is unique, but unfortunately severely limits its potential usage. Also, the 60-second updates are daily slow (especially when compared to the real time options available in our Spytec GL300 reviews). Still, for a budget device it does OK, so we think it’s still worth giving it a try.

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