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Breathalyzer Certification Rofeer Mouthpieces Temperature Review

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After a night of fun and drinks, you no longer have to rely on your impaired judgement to decide whether you’re sober enough to drive yourself home. All you need to do to keep track of your blood alcohol content level is carry around a portable breath alcohol tester, and one reliable example of such would be the Rofeer digital alcohol tester. This portable breathalyzer will give you an accurate reading of the amount of alcohol you have in your blood on its digital blue LED screen, and it’ll also follow that up with a color code so that you know whenever you’re in the clear or in danger. Get to learn more about the Rofeer digital blue LED breathalyzer by getting to the end of this review, and find out whether it could be the best breathalyzer for you.

Why We Like It – Breathalyzer Certification Rofeer Mouthpieces Temperature

The Rofeer blue LED screen portable breathalyzer is a perfect first choice for anyone looking to always stay aware of their blood alcohol content. Backed by an FDA certification Rofeer digital blue breathalyzer is great for home use auto power shutoff and has a sound alarm current temperature display that’s easy to read. For a smaller model that you can view the results on a mobile app, check the BACtrack vio breathalyzer review.

  • Color codes for easy interpretation
  • Certified by the FDA
  • Comes with 5 washable mouthpieces
  • No warranty


The Rofeer portable breathalyzer is pretty easy to use, and quite sophisticated at the same time. It’ll give you the option to choose from 6 measurement units, and the ability to record up to 32 previous research results so that you can refer to them later or even compare against current results. You switch it on by pressing & holding its power button for about 2 seconds, then wait for 15 seconds for it to pre-heat, and then blow into the mouthpiece for 3-5 seconds. The blue LED screen will then turn to either green, yellow or red depending on where your blood alcohol content level is at, and this will also be accompanied by a corresponding sound – features that you won’t get with the BACtrack Trace Breathalyzer.


The small size of the Rofeer breathalyzer allows you to carry it in your pocket and only use it whenever you need to. It’s not as small as the BACtrack C6 Keychain Breathalyzer, but it weighs about 4.69 ounces, and measures 4.84 x 2.17 x 0.75 inches so you shouldn’t have a problem carrying it around. It’s also easy to operate since you just need to switch it on through the power button, and in it’s packaging, you’ll find 5 mouthpieces that you can interswitch whenever you need to. On it’s side, there are about 3 more buttons for the unit, used, memory storage and alarm value, and on its front, a blue LED screen where there’s the alarm current temperature display that’s a lot better than a LCD screen.


Once switched on, the Rofeer blue LED screen portable breath alcohol tester will take about 15 seconds to warm up, and this is pretty efficient for a breathalyzer of its size. When done, you can wait for it to use auto power off feature and shut down automatically. Thanks to its FDA certification Rofeer digital breathalyzer can be relied upon to give an accurate reading, but for this to happen, please use it 15 to 10 minutes after eating or drinking, otherwise you might get bloated results. The one con for this Rofeer breathalyzer is that it doesn’t come with a warranty. If that is a deal breaker for you, then you should consider the BACtrack Mobile Smartphone Breathalyzer since it comes with a 1 year warranty. How convenient is it to have a breathalyzer that can when you will be back to sober? All the details you need are available in the Breathometer breeze breathalyzer review.

Breathalyzer Certification Rofeer Mouthpieces Temperature Wrap Up

Now that we’ve finished reviewing this blue screen portable breath alcohol tester, what’s left is for you to head over to Amazon and find out what first time buyers had to say about it. Before you buy the product please make sure that you understand the different terms and values that may appear on its digital blue LED screen so that you don’t have a hard time interpreting the results.