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Bryan Cranston stars as Walter White, a chemistry teacher that has been diagnosed with lung cancer. During the first season, Walter uses his chemistry knowledge to try cooking and selling crystal meth for the first time. When it is declared a success by local drug dealer and ex-student Jesse Pinkman, Walter decides to pursue this activity to help pay his hospital bills. This is the number one series from our list of the Best Shows On Netflix, beating out the magical adventure of The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance.

Why We Like It – Breaking Bad Review

Breaking Bad is a realistic drama that took the world by storm. Never in a million years would anyone think that an average high school chemistry teacher would make some of the best crystal meth in the game. The story of Walter White is unique because his motive for taking part in the drug game was to simply pay his hospital bills for his cancer treatment.

  • Anti-hero point of view
  • Intense action
  • The plot is a slippery slope


Walter White is an iconic role for Bryan Cranston. During the start of the series, you can feel the pressure on Walter from his financial troubles. Later on, you experience the anxiety from Walter and Jesse’s drug deals. Aaron Paul plays a good sidekick for Walter as the duo goes through the stresses of the drug trade. Together they go as far as taking on the biggest drug lords in the game with their potent crystal meth. After watching the rise of Walter White, Big Mouth is a great series that will level out the seriousness with plenty of laughs.


Vince Gilligan produced this memorable series. From the beginning, there are many obstacles that challenged Walter and Jesse. They go through major character developments as their drugs start gaining attention. Walter’s family goes through stressful moments when they learn about Walter’s new past time. The stakes in this show constantly rise, which makes the show more suspenseful with each episode. By the series finale, there is the epic showdown that truly makes the show memorable. Another show with an epic ending as this is Avatar: The Last Airbender.


The series is amazing because this situation is relatable to those who have ever stressed over a medical bill. There are a million ways to make extra cash, but what happens when the way you choose to make money is a death sentence? This is the situation Walter White finds himself in, the drug game transformed his life for the better, but this same game brings him new stress that is arguable just as bad as having cancer. Dear White People is a series that can balance out the seriousness of Breaking Bad with satire on race relations.

Breaking Bad Review Wrap Up

In this series, you will see a regular high school chemistry teacher become one of the biggest meth cooks in the game. His rise to the top will leave an impact on you. The situations Walter and Jesse go through will have you chewing through fingernails as the stakes grow.

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