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The Braun PureMix Power Countertop Blender is good on paper. It comes with good specifications overall. So, you’d think that it can be a top contender for the best blender with a glass jar throne. But, in reality, it’s not really well-liked among users.

Why We Like It – Braun PureMix Power Blender

The Braun PureMix Power Blender is a countertop blender, and it does have a few good elements. When it works, it does work well enough to not be a problem/bottleneck in the kitchen. The programmed automatic modes also work very well for beginners. And if you like retro styling, the Smeg BLF01 may be perfect for you.

  • Dishwasher-safe ThermoResist glass jar
  • Stainless steel blades
  • Metal power drive
  • The thermal-resistant glass jug has a lot of manufacturing defects
  • Pretty terrible customer service
  • Only three speeds to select from


It is a powerful blender and sports a 1000 Watt countertop base. But the problem is, a lot of blenders come with even more powerful motors at much lower prices. For example, the cheaper Ninja Foodi Blender has a 1400 Watt motor inside, much like you will find in our Oster Versa blender review. And if you want a more powerful blender for commercial purposes, read our Blendtec Professional 800 review.


There are only three speeds that you get to choose from. And thankfully, it at least has three automated programs, which consist of Smoothie, Ice Crush, and Chop. There’s also a Pulse button on the control panel for controlling the pulse speeds. If you like having more options, the Instant Ace Blender would be a much better and cheaper alternative.


This is the part where everything kinda falls apart for this blender. The black stainless steel blades are indeed well made in order to achieve a perfect blend, but everything surrounding it and the pitcher is not good at all. Gear engagement points are poorly designed, making the contents of the jar either leak easily or get the stinky odor of smoke and motor oil inside the food contents. As such, we urge you to go through our Breville Bbl620 Fresh Furious Blender review to find a better option.

Versatility & Attachments

Other than the thermal-resistant glass jug and the countertop base, this blender doesn’t really come with much else inside the box. In that case, if you want something more durable, read our list of blenders with glass containers. We can’t really fault the Braun PureMix Power Countertop Blender in this aspect, as other related products in this range also don’t come included with many different accessories (e.g., the Oster Reverse Crush Blender) either. But it does look stylish and modern overall. Also, check out our Cuisinart Velocity Ultra blender review, which comes with a food processor attachment as well as travel cups.


Well, at almost $150, the value proposition of the Braun PureMix Power Blender doesn’t look very good at all. However, it is about half the price of the Blendtec Designer 725 blender. It is plagued by many different design flaws, and the specifications are lackluster compared to the price. Braun’s customer service doesn’t fare well either and is actively hated by most users in the review. Only the automated modes and the free shipping saves its face. So, we can’t really recommend it to everyone in good conscience. However, it can be a good option if you find a stellar deal on it.

Braun PureMix Power Blender Wrap Up

So overall, the Braun PureMix Power Blender is not that great for a countertop blender. Still, if you really need automated blending modes in the countertop blender space, it is one of the only options you have at this price.