Brainwavz Audio B400 Quad Armature Earphones | Gadget Review

Brainwavz Audio B400 Quad Armature Earphones

Brainwavz Audio B400 Quad Armature Earphones
The B400 is truly innovative.

Brainwavz is making some serious sound waves with their B400 Quad Armature Earphones. They are balanced armature earphones that have 4 drivers packed inside for the ultimate in quality audio. The bonus is that they also look stylish while delivering the auditory goods.

These Earphones Will Surprise You

Spoiler alert: One of the secrets to the amazing sound is the 3D printing process. More on that later. Let’s talk about those drivers first. The beauty of a 4 Driver system is that each driver is focused on its own specific range of the sound spectrum. You can see how that would result in truly astounding audio, letting you hear things you never heard before on your favorite tracks.

The company used the latest in 3D printing technology to pack it all into ergonomic housing that has great style and form, but they didn’t stop there. If you put that much thought into your earphones, obviously you want to make the cables just as impressive. They’ve done just that, using industry standard MMCX cables for the B400. These detachable cables not only add to the lifespan of the product, but they also allow for extra features.

They really have thought of everything with this design, making it clear that other earphone makers had better up their game and quickly. You’ll rediscover all of your favorite music as if you are hearing it for the first time. That’s how good the sound really is. That 3d printing tech helps the balanced armatures perform so it’s no wonder that the sound surpasses expectations. That printing tech also allows for a shape that you just can’t make when using the standard manufacturing process.

Brainwavz Audio B400 Quad Armature Earphones

The B400 is designed right.

Designed For the Best Sound and Style

As I’ve already stated, they look pretty stylish too. The B400 comes in several color options like stay frosty, black, cosmic black, crimson red, blue knight and green rage. I know which one the Hulk would enjoy.

The B400 offers some truly innovative earphones in the B400 Quad Armature Earphones, so if you are looking for a new audio experience, I would suggest you start right here.

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