BRABUS Creates 4WD Full Electric E-Class Prototype

Known for their aftermarket creations, BRABUS has decided to get into the electric car game and debuted a high-performance 4WD full electric prototype at the Frankfurt Motor Show back in September. While they didn’t create the car from the ground up, they did use a Mercedes-Benz E-Class as the base unit for their prototype.

BRABUS usually tries to boost the power of what they’ve chosen to tune, but this time, they’ve totally replaced the E-Class’ gasoline engine and replaced it with only electronic hardware. But they’re not putting any ordinary hardware in; they’re replacing it with High Performance stuff. This refers to the E’s very impressive 429 horsepower and 2,360 lb.-ft. of torque. But it’s 4WD label implies that each of its wheels is fitted with a Protean electric motor, which are lightweight, thus making them perfectly suited for the project since BRABUS likes to keep their creations. Light. Each 330-volt motor produces a peak power output of 80 kW, which fit inside of some 19-inch BRABUS Monoblock Q wheels that were added for better styling and handling.

The car  can accelerate from 0-60 mph in 6.9 seconds. It can also go from 37-74 mph in 5 seconds, which is quicker than a Mercedes-Benz E 500 4Matic.The prototype also packs a 56-kWh lithium-ion battery that allows the BRABUS electric vehicle a range of 150 miles. But when used in Eco mode, each motor produces only 50 kW (instead of 80 kW), the range increases to about 217 miles (if the car is going 62 mph). BRABUS says the prototype tops out at 137 mph in Sport mode, or 118 mph in Eco mode. For charging on the road at any normal 220 V AC outlet or on a 380 V three-phase outlet the car is equipped with an integrated charger that recharges the batteries fully in five hours.

But because BRABUS not only does performance upgrades, but also exterior modifications, they’ve added some aluminum front sport fenders with integrated clear-coated carbon-fiber inserts that create a very sporty look, while some side skirts calm the airflow between the wheel wells and feature highly convenient, visually striking LED entrance lights. The interior features a special instrument cluster, which provides the most essential information about the battery, the electric motors and other driving parameters such as speed etc. They’ve also added a ergonomically-shaped sport steering wheel and aluminum pedals and footrest add sporty highlights. Stainless-steel scuff plates with backlit BRABUS High Performance 4WD Full Electric logo and velour floor mats sporting the identical marks are further exclusive accessories.

BRAUBUS hasn’t released any info on price or availability, leaving the automotive world to wonder if they will indeed bring their prototype to life.

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