Boxx Electric Moped

Ponying up $4,000 for anything is tough proposition, but for a suitcase sized moped called the Boxx, you must be mad.  Or are you?

This two wheeled machine is fully rechargeable and can travel up to 40 miles on a single charge, unless of course you throw down for the extra battery pack which doubles the range.  Course you’ll need to cope with the added weight, and considering it already weighs 120lbs it may not be worth the added expense.  A standard charger will power the Boxx to full in 4 hours flat, but for, you guessed it, more money, you can achieve that feat in just one hour.

The Boxx itself only measures 1 meter high, yet it can support a person who weighs up to 300lbs, which might be attributable to the all aluminum build.  But if for some reason all that weight causes a piece to break, it can be easily replaced since they’re all modular by design.  And to help you avoid cars and perhaps even objects, there is some sort of laser sensor system that alerts both you and other drivers to your where abouts.

So why get one of these?  Well, it is diminutive in terms of size.  That means you could commute to work, and provided you don’t work on the 3rd floor or lack an elevator, you could drive it in to your office and store it in your cubicle.  A nice feature, but not one in our minds that warrants such a purchase.  However, keep in mind that is fully rechargeable by plugging into your wall, so finding a charging station is as easy as finding an available outlet.

The Boxx is available for preorder now, whereupon you can configure it to the color of your choice and features.

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