BoxLock Will Protect Your Home Deliveries

Whether you live in a nice neighborhood or a bad one, there is always someone lurking about who wouldn’t think twice about stealing that package that the delivery truck just left. What can you do? I mean, you can’t always be home when your deliveries arrive. That’s just not practical.

BoxLock is Easy To Use

You could always ask your neighbors to keep an eye out, but chances are they are just as busy as you. Well, there is one way to make sure that your packages don’t end up in the hands of thieves. You can use BoxLock.


What looks like a simple padlock is so much more. BoxLock is the first smart padlock designed specifically to protect deliveries. This smart padlock makes sure that you get your packages reliably when you need them.

Did you know that 30% of American have been victims of package theft? That number is pretty surprising and it clearly shows that it happens more than most of us realize. That means that 23 million Americans have had a package stolen from their doorstep. And when that happens it is frustrating. Also, time-consuming since you have to report it and have another item sent to you. It’s also costly for shippers.

BoxLock Will Protect Your Home Deliveries
BoxLock keeps your packages secure.

Thieves Will Have To Look Elsewhere

However, this simple smart padlock changes all of that and makes it easy for postal workers to securely deliver packages to your door. Just attach BoxLock to any container and when the package comes the delivery driver uses BoxLock to scan the label of the package.

BoxLock is designed to stand out so that delivery people can spot it instantly. You will get a notification on the BoxLock app telling you that your package has been delivered and is secure.

As you can see, it’s a pretty simple system that makes it easy to keep deliveries secure. BoxLock automatically collects tracking numbers for anything delivered to you. If you have ever had a package stolen, you know what a hassle it is. This smart lock will save you a lot of headaches by making sure that you are not another victim of package theft.

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  1. This sounds great but in practicality it does NOT work. I can’t tell if it is the device constantly losing the Wifi connection (despite a hotspot 6 feet away) or that the delivery people just refuse to use it but I have yet to have even a SINGLE PACKAGE put into the box using my Boxlock. Oh, and their 30 day return policy basically ensures that you can’t get your money back. I do NOT recommend this product.

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