Boxing Robots Make “Real Steel”…Real

Watching Hugh Jackman pound robot heads into submission last month didn’t quite fill our mechanized fighting needs.  These Bionic Bopper Cars from Hammacher will surely fill the void, though.

Remember bumper cars?  Add a head, robotic arms and a joystick and you’ve got two fighting robots that can move left, right, forward or backwards at up to 3mph thanks to an internal Honda powered gas engine.  A set of independent joysticks activate two pneumatic-powered, tire-tread-fisted arms.   Pull the trigger and your robots will slug your opponent directly in the head.  There doesn’t seem to be a blocking option, so the game boils down to strafing, otherwise known as dodging.  The built-in bumper at the foot of the robot ensures that the optimal distance is achieved to score a punch.  And when a punch lands the robots head will sling back where upon the chest mounted display will tally a point.

The gas tank provides up to 5 hours of continue sockem and rockem fun, that is provided you don’t choke from the fumes, while a 12-volt battery powers the electronics.  Hammacher says you’ll need at least a 16-foot smooth surfaces to deliver your punches from this $17,000 duo.

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