Bouncie Car Tracker Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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Tracking is important in our daily life, so having the Best GPS Tracker ( or more specifically, the Best Car Tracker) can be a lifesaver. Sometimes, we need to track something (or someone) for safety, information, or just current location awareness. Though a bit pricey, the Bouncie Car Tracker offsets the initial costs with low monthly costs, but is it worth it? Let’s find out!

Why We Like It – Bouncie Car Tracker

The Bouncie Car Tracker offers 15-second updates, real-time driving data, and roadside assistance for $8/month. Best of all? It’s free of activation charges or contracts!

  • 15-Second Updates
  • Accident Notification
  • Low Monthly Cost
  • Lacks a Battery
  • Only Useful for Vehicle Tracking


When talking about performance, the first things to check are tracking speed and current location update frequency. Tracking speed depends on the tracker’s responsible server and network. Bouncie currently runs on 3G, making it a bit slower than a 4G connection, but the overall efficiency covers up the small delay. The device has a fixed 15 seconds automatic refresh rate, so while you won’t get real time tracking (like the product in our Spytec GL300 reviews), you’ll still get accurate current location detection. Searching for the best pet GPS tracker to that can help you track your furry friend? Click our Bartun GPS tracker review.


This model is a battery-free GPS tracker, much like some other specialized GPS trackers. These trackers are designed for use in cars and other vehicles. For power, they rely on an OBD port located in the vehicle. Usually, the OBD port is found under the dashboard, which allows you to easily store the device. Having no battery reduces your thinking about charging or working duration. As long as the vehicle’s battery has a charge, the tracker will work without issues.

Ease of Use

The Bouncie Car Tracker is extremely easy to use. The device itself is simply plug and play, so installing it is a breeze. To monitor the actual tracking, Bouncie provides you with a free mobile application to track your vehicle. The app updates four times every minute. Although it doesn’t provide instant updates, this should be more than suitable for most users. The Bouncie device is also capable of sending you push notifications, and can even give you updates on your vehicle health. Another small and compact GPS tracker that you can use is detailed in the Brickhouse security GPS tracker review.


Durability is an important consideration for any kind of tech product. Unfortunately (like most tracking devices that are powered by an OBD port), the Bouncie Car Tracker lacks any protection features. This means it’s not water, weather, dust, or shock-resistant. Fortunately, due to the design and where the device needs to be placed within the vehicle, the lack of durability features is unlikely to cause any issues under normal use. If you need a device that’s fully waterproof, check out our LandAirSea 54 review!


Although not as pricey as the product in our AMERICALOC GL300W review, the Bouncie Car Tracker is still more expensive upfront than many other devices. However, there is a trade-off. Monthly service is offered for only $8 per month! The device is free of hidden costs, activation fees, cancellation fees, and anything else you wouldn’t want to pay, so the price you see is the price you get. While the device itself is somewhat limited in its uses, we think the low monthly costs definitely give it an edge over the competition.

Bouncie Car Tracker Wrap Up

Overall, the Bouncie Car Tracker is a decent device. It offers many different features such as roadside assistance, real time auto-refresh, and accident notifications, making it perfect for your daily driver. If you can afford the initial costs, we highly recommend this product over the competition, because the low monthly rates will save you lots of money in the long run.

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