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Botanical Air Purifier: A Plant Powered Air Cleanser

Botanical Air Purifier

If you’re looking at one of these than the EPAs standards still aren’t up to snuff for you and your family.  But hey, like my Mom says, “better safe than sorry”.  So what’s this 2001 Space Odyssey contraption do?  By using the plants natural ability to filter toxins, combined with a suction fan, the Botanical Air Purifier cleanses the air of “formaldehyde by 50% in 30 minutes, 10 times faster than a traditional air filtration system” and probably other household toxins.  It’s $200, but hey, who said having a higher quality of living wasn’t gonna cost you? The IQAir HealthPro Plus Air Purifier too removes dust, allergens, mold, and toxins and we rank it the number one air purifier out there, so if you’re keen on this botanical marvel you may want to compare performances of the two.

It may not be the best air purifier cnet rated machine, but we think it’s super cool.

It’s recommended that you use a Peace Lily, Madagascar Dragon Tree, Spider Plant, or Aloe plant since these are the most effective at cleansing the air of toxins, but really any plant will do.


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