BOSSIN Gaming Chair Review

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Updated December 5, 2022
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Anyone looking for the best gaming chair knows their purchase has to be comfortable for the inevitable hours spent in front of a PC or TV, but not everyone can afford to drop over $500 for the latest and greatest. There’s a glut of cheap office chairs out there, so searching for the best reclining gaming chair can prove rather challenging if you’re on a budget. However, we’ve got you covered if you’re searching for the finest gaming chairs with a footrest. Enter the Bossin Gaming Chair, a good-quality office chair that won’t break the bank. Users of all shapes and sizes love this chair, though that low price point doesn’t come without its flaws.

Why We Like It – BOSSIN Gaming Chair

The Bossin Gaming Chair is a great alternative for anyone that wants the look and feel of a premium gaming chair without the exorbitant price. But what really makes this chair stand out from the competition is Bossin’s second-to-none customer service. For another gaming chair with a footrest, read our Ficmax ergonomic gaming chair.

  • Large surface area for all body sizes
  • Durable PU leather exterior
  • Superb customer support
  • Hydraulic system has trouble keeping consistent seat height
  • PU leather isn’t very breathable
  • Short and unstable footrest


Bossin clearly put in the effort to make this gaming chair look supportive, but customer reviews are mixed regarding how well this chair can support its users. Several reviewers are extremely positive, citing specifically the headrest, ergonomic design, large size, and lumbar support. Even self-described “big guys” find this chair comfortable and supportive. Unfortunately, some reviewers found the chair would slowly sink after extended periods of use, meaning you might not have total control over the seat height on this chair. Be sure to know how to attach lumbar support to a gaming chair for additional back support but do note that this model is also too small for some reviewers, rendering it mostly useless. For another option, read our KILLABEE gaming chair review.


Gaming chairs should be comfortable: we expect to sit in them for hours on end. The Bossin racing-style gaming chair is extremely comfortable for most reviewers, regardless of whether you’re using it as a gaming chair, office computer/desk chair, or just lounging around. High-back e-sports chairs like this one are extra comfortable because of the additional support they provide, and the ability to adjust the seat angle is an added bonus. Although Bossin touts the retractable footrest as an added feature, the vast majority of reviewers felt this was the only part of the chair that wasn’t super comfortable. The footrest doesn’t extend far enough to properly function for most users, and several also found this part of the chair didn’t feel sturdy enough to support extended use. The BraZen Puma review details a gaming seat with anti-slip nylon; check it out.


If you are wondering what is an adjustable chair and how can it benefit you for gaming, know that adjusting your seat just right is vital to have the best gaming chair experience. So it’s good to see Bossin includes the expected adjustability features. The seat height can be adjusted up and down, though, as previously mentioned, some users found the hydraulic system couldn’t handle any added weight and the chair slowly “deflates” as a result. The telescoping footrest is a nice addition for taking it easy, but, as with the Respawn 110 Gaming Chair, most reviewers found it felt too unstable and too short to properly use. This chair can also recline, and the armrests move as you do, but they can otherwise not be adjusted to a different height. For a seat with 14 adjustable positions, read our Birdrock home adjustable 14-position memory foam floor chair review.


The Bossin Gaming Chair has a durable PU leather exterior that’s meant to last through heavy usage. Unfortunately, this comes with a host of usual problems. Any e-sports PU leather swivel chair, such as this Homall gaming chair, seems to encounter the issue of poor airflow, and this Bossin chair is no exception. Reviewers complain about the heat and sweat generated when using this chair and the unpleasant stickiness typically associated with leather or faux leather seats. Check out our Anda Seat gaming chair review for another option that is suitable for big and tall users.


Finding the best gaming chair on a tight budget can be challenging, but this Bossin gaming chair aims to be the best. While many reviewers claim to have had some sort of issue with this chair upon first receiving it, whether it be missing components or broken parts, reviewers unanimously agree that the customer support team is the absolute best. Amazon Prime members have a double layer of support, but it seems Bossin’s customer support is more than happy to assist you even before you’ve hit that “contact us” button. It may not have some of the fancy bells and whistles of a chair like the X Rocker 51396 Pro Series Pedestal 2.1 chair, but the Bossin chair is half the price and doesn’t run the risk of housing outdated electronic components. For an additional option to check out, read our Nokaxus gaming chair review.

Bossin Gaming Chair Wrap Up

Bossin’s message to consumers is clear: “please try our chair.” Even though this chair isn’t without its issues, several of those are easily ironed out after a quick chat with Bossin’s customer support. Unfortunately, issues like the lack of breathability from the durable PU leather and the wonky footrest can’t be fixed this way. Still, this big, comfy gaming chair is sure to please anyone who wants the extra support and comfort of a racing-style gaming chair. Also, be sure to know how to maintain gaming chair to ensure it lasts you for as long as possible.

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