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Updated December 8, 2022
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Anyone shopping around for the best ergonomic stool really ought to have a look at what Boss Office Products has to offer. The Boss Office adjustable upholstered medical stool is a great stool to have when you’re keen on increasing your comfort and productivity, and it’s also the right one for you whether you’re a dentist, dermatologist, or even a tattooist. If you’ve been experiencing consistent back problems, the chair can help alleviate that pain by training you to maintain the right posture, since whenever you sit on it, you’d need to engage your core muscles so that you get to keep your back straight.

Why We Like It – Boss Office Products Stool

The Boss Office medical stool is the kind of office stool chair that you can use in a wide range of different situations. Thanks to its thick seat cushion, the stool allows you to sit comfortably as you attend to your client or customer, and also retails at a pocket-friendly price.

  • Amazon’s choice for “rolling stool”
  • 275 pound weight capacity
  • Available in black or beige
  • Short height range of 6 inches


As a result of not having a backrest, like in our Wobble Stool Air review, you won’t offer as much back support as a regular office chair would, but in helping you to train your back muscles and increase your core strength, this Boss Office medical stool will eventually have your back feeling a lot better with continued use. You should expect the same results even with the Seville Classics Airlift 360 Sit-Stand Adjustable Ergonomic Active Balance Non-Slip Desk Stool, but the one difference it has with the Boss Office stool is that it comes with a non slip base, and this allows for more active sitting. For another similar stool, check out our Office wobble stool chair standing desk chair review.


This Boss Office Products medical stool is upholstered with thick and durable Caressoft vinyl that’s great for keeping it nice and comfortable, and its 5 dual wheel casters allow for 360-degree swivel movement. The seat cushion on this stool is a lot more thicker than the one on the Flash Furniture Ergonomic Stool, so you’re less likely to get tired when sitting on it for long periods. And, if you’re super tired of standing, relax in the REFICCER Big and Tall bonded leather office chair.


Adjusting the seat height of the Boss Office Products medical stool is pretty easy as all it takes is to just shift the lever that’s on the side of the chair up or down, and you’ll be able to move the seat height of the chair up or down by up to 6 inches. This doesn’t really compare well to the Learniture’s Adjustable Desk Stool, which you’d be able to lift by up to almost 10 inches.


If you’ve been using leather office chairs for a while, you’ve probably experienced some form of back sweating especially after being seated for a long time. This might get you really uncomfortable, and in some cases, embarrassing once you need to get away from your office. You won’t be dealing with any such issues when you start working on an office stool, since your back remains completely exposed.


Available in either black or beige, the Boss Office Products stool has a weight capacity of about 275 pounds, so you shouldn’t have to worry about it supporting you if you happen to be within this weight limit. The chair’s dual caster wheels make it possible to move it around whenever you need to move closer or further away from your work desk or client, and its vertical height range of 6 inches makes it great for people who are generally tall and therefore have long legs.

Office Stool Chair Wrap Up

The Boss Office Products stool is very simple to put together, and it’s a process that shouldn’t take you more than 10 minutes without the need to use any other tools. The chair is also Amazon’s choice for “rolling stool”, so you can bet that a lot of people regard it to be of good build quality.

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