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Finding the best office chair without wheels can sometimes be a headache especially when you’re in the market for a chair that won’t do too much damage to your pocket, and is still pretty comfortable to sit on. As a chair distributor that’s been around for a long time, Boss Office prides itself in being one of the very few companies that can be trusted to offer quality chairs, and the Leather Sled base side chair is no exception. The base side guest chair is perfect for both business and home thanks to durable bonded leather upholstery, and thick contoured cushions for added comfort. Go ahead with the rest of this review to find out what the chair has to offer, and see if it can match your expectations.

Why We Like It – Boss Office Products Leather Sled Base Side Chair

The Boss Office Products Leather Sled Base Side Chair is a 19 pound metal leather chair that’s perfect for using as a guest chair in your office, or as a waiting chair in your place of business. It’s only available in the color black, and has sturdy black powder leather polished tubular steel frame that’s able to support up to 275 pounds in weight capacity.

  • Tubular frame facilitates easier movement
  • Heavy duty chair with a weight capacity of 275 pounds
  • 6 Year Limited Warranty
  • No armrests


This Boss Office Leather Sled Base Side chair is basically what you would expect from a normal steel frame chair, but now with added cushions on the backrest and seat. The base side chair doesn’t offer extensive lumbar support, but it should be enough for you if you don’t have any back issues. The seat has a waterfall design, and this makes it great since it enhances blood circulation to your legs. The chair however doesn’t come with any armrests, and if this is something that you can’t do without, then perhaps the AmazonBasics Classic Leather Office Desk Guest Chair would be worth looking into.


The contoured seat on the black leatherplus polished tubular frame on this chair makes it very comfortable to sit on, as well as very nice to look at. The chair’s leather stitching is very well done, and its polished tubular steel frame is also quite sturdy. The tubular base here is almost similar to that of the OFM Essentials Collection Bonded Leather Executive Side Chair, and it makes it very easy to move across floors.


Most of the seats that fall under this category don’t really come with any kind of adjustability features, and the Boss Office sled base side chair is pretty much the same as most of them. There’s nothing much that you’ll be able to change on this black leather chair, but with a seat depth of 20 inches, a seat height of 19 inches and a seat width of 20.5 inches, we’re pretty satisfied with what it has to offer.


You cannot compare the kind of breathability that you’ll get on the Office Factor Reception Guest Chairs with what you’ll get on this black leatherplus polished tubular steel framed chair. This is because it’s a mesh chair, and because of that, air isn’t prevented from getting through to your back. In spite of that, the gap between where the backrest would have joined the seat on this leather chair still allows for decent airflow, so you shouldn’t really sweat too much when you sit on it for long hours.


Most Boss Office products come with a 6 year limited warranty, and this is also true of this chair as well as other related products. The company also has great customer service, so you shouldn’t hesitate in case you need to contact them for whatever reason.

Boss Office Products Leather Sled Base Side Chair Wrap Up

If up until this point you’re still not too sure if this is the kind of chair that you should get, maybe going through the customer reviews that have been left by users who went ahead and bought this chair might help with your decision. Go ahead and hop over to the chair’s Amazon page and see what first time buyers had to say.

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