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Bose Wave SoundTouch Music System IV Review

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If you ignore the price, you can arguably consider this Bose Radio the best tabletop radio available based on its amazing sound and versatility. It is packed with features yet still has a sharp-looking, compact build. Speaking of amazing sound, check out our review of the best speakers on the market.

Why We Like It – Bose Wave SoundTouch Music System IV Review

If you’re looking for rich, deep, room-filling sound, then the Bose Wave SoundTouch System is the one. The great sound quality that Bose is known for exists in this radio, and it’s wonderful. But, for another option, read our XSound Go review.

  • Multifunctional for listening from virtually any source
  • Fantastic sound quality
  • Looks great, easy to use
  • Expensive
  • Has a CD player, which may be unnecessary for many


You may be confused to see the Bose SoundTouch in a living room because of its relatively small size. Make no mistake, though, the Wave Radio packs a punch of robust sounds with great depth to it, just like the Bose SoundLink Revolve. Bose delivers stellar sound quality with this device, even when you’re listening to FM radio. So, if you like the Bose brand, you’ll want to learn more about another model of theirs, known as the Bose SL Color 2.

But with the Wave SoundTouch IV, it doesn’t just have to be analog radio stations. This Bose Wave Music System is Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled, so you can access internet radio stations and stream music through services like Spotify, Pandora, iTunes, and more. You can also control those streams and play music conveniently through the SoundTouch App. So, it’s a good idea to learn the best way to charge a Bluetooth speaker; that way, you’ll get more out of it before it needs a recharge. If this doesn’t meet all your needs, check out our guide on the best home stereo system to see if another option will.

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The Bose Wave Music System has a minimalist, modern design that works great in any room, It’s available in an espresso black finish and a platinum silver finish. There are so many ways to play different music on this SoundTouch System. Radio, CD (yes, it has a CD player), streaming, and aux input are all supported. You can control your listening experience with an intuitive, well-designed remote control. While it doesn’t have a remote, the speaker in our Wonderboom 2 review is perfect for listening.

That said, other brands may have better options, so compare the Bose 700 vs the Sonos Arc for a detailed review.

Additionally, the Bose Wave System will work with the Bose speaker system in your house to give you even bigger (or surround) sound, not that you’ll need it with this powerful speaker. If you like simple, no-frills design, check out our C Crane CC 2E review.


SoundTech systems are expensive, but Bose backs it up. You’d be hard put to get this kind of sound out of this size of the speaker at any price range. Even more, this speaker will likely last you for as long as you want it. So, if you want a versatile, low-profile speaker with amazing sound, this one is worth its price. The only way the other top tabletop radio models — like the Panasonic RF-2400D, Sangean WR-11 Wood Cabinet, and Soundance SDY019 — beat out this Bose is in price.

Bose Wave SoundTouch Music System IV Review Wrap Up

Anyone who is a stickler for audio quality will delight in listening to the Bose Wave SoundTouch. Yes, it’s one of the pricier speakers on the market, but the quality is unmatched. It’s also cool how much versatility it has.

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