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The Bose Soundlink Mini II can be easily confused with the original Soundlink Mini, though the newer version comes with a few minor improvements that make it worthwhile. As expected from Bose, the bluetooth speaker II is of good build quality, and can manage up to 10 hours courtesy of its extended battery life. If you want a speaker that’s not just a soundbar try our Edifier: Prisma E3350BT 2.1 Bluetooth audio system review. The speaker II isn’t really built for the outdoors, so you’ll have to keep it inside the house at all times. On the flipside, it has the looks that allow it to sit well in your living room, and generates such great sound that’ll leave you wondering how Bose was able to fit all that in a small package. On all accounts, this is one of the best bluetooth speakers we’ve ever come across. Go ahead and read this Soundlink Mini II review to find out why. Or, if you’d like a speaker that works similarly to the Alexa, you should also read our WooHoo smart AI speaker and home assistant review.

Why We Like It – Bose Soundlink Mini II Review

The Bose Soundlink Mini II may come in a small package, but don’t let the size fool you. The new Mini II comes with an improved battery life, speakerphone functionality and a bass that will blow you away. For a full-size option, take a look at our Creative Labs Inspire T6300 5.1 speaker review too.

  • Speakerphone functionality
  • DSP to avoid bass distortion
  • Well rounded sound
  • Well rounded sound
  • No App Support
  • A bit heavy


The sound quality of the Bose Soundlink Mini II compares slightly better to that of its predecessor. If you listen closely between the two, you’ll notice a couple of tweaks done to cut down the mid-bass, but otherwise, the two versions rely on Bose’s Digital Signal Processing technology that prevents the sound from getting distorted even at higher volumes. This isn’t something that all bluetooth speakers have, and it does place Bose well ahead of competition such as the JBL Charge 4. As is typical with speakers of this size, the Mini II also uses passive bass radiators that keep the lows low enough to deliver a big sound.


The original Soundlink and the newer Bose Soundlink Mini II have such a similar design that very few would be able to tell them apart. Like the Bose Soundlink Revolve, the speaker is available in two colors: matte gray, or off white anodized aluminium. It also weighs about 1.5 pounds, which might start feeling heavy after carrying it in your backpack for a while. On its top-side you’ll find the control buttons housed in a rubber-top, and to its side, an AUX input that’s next to a micro-USB port for charging.


If you’d rather not take count of the hours you’ll have to listen to your Mini II before it runs out of power, then you might want to consider getting its charging cradle so that you can have it play music as it charges. This might mean having it sit in a central spot without moving around, but then again the Bose Soundlink Mini II wasn’t really designed with portability in mind, unlike the UE Boom 3. Also, to prevent the Aluminium casing from damage, you might want to use its soft covers. They come in vibrant colors that add some fun to the speaker’s serious look.

Bose Soundlink Mini II Review Wrap Up

As you might have figured in this Mini II review, the Soundlink Mini Bluetooth Speaker II is a great option to go with if you don’t need a speaker that you can move around with. Its DSP technology will allow you to listen to your music at high volume without skewing the bass, and it’s charging cradle will help keep the music on for as long as you want.

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