bose lifestyle 135

Bose must be nuts, but we already knew that.  They’re asking $2,500 for their newest sound bar system, the Lifestyle 135.

It includes a wireless subwoofer, remote, iPod dock and a wall mountable speaker that fabricates full surround sound.  The remote connects via RF so you can increase or decrease the volume despite not having line of sight to the system.  The wireless subwoofer is a nice touch as well, since you can hide it in a closest, provided of course you’ve got a plug near by.

The Lifestyle 135 is designed to work with up to 6 devices and even upscales DVD players or any video device that doesn’t put out a 1080p signal.  We’re talking 4 HDMI connections and 2 HD audio inputs.  There is also an FM/AM radio.

Inside the Soundbar is Bose’s Flexmount and ADAPTiQ tech.  Flexmount determines if the soundbar is placed on a table or mounted on a wall, which automatically adjusts the audio accordingly.  ADAPTiQ anaylyzes the room’s dimensions and interior, and calibrates the speaker to its acoustics.  So we half expect, based on this tech, that it can produce top notch sound for movies and music.

Despite the fact that Bose is over priced gear, there is no disputing how simple their systems are to setup.  To streamline the installation process Bose has integrated a step-by-step visual walk through that appears directly on the TV screen.  Not the biggest takeaway by any account in terms of its feature set, but a nice addition nonetheless.

The Bose Lifestyle 135 is available now.