What is the Bosch Dishwasher Warranty?

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Updated February 17, 2023

When reading up on appliance insurance plans, you may want to learn about Bosch Dishwasher warranty options. When you purchase a new Bosch dishwasher, you also receive a standard manufacturer’s warranty of one year, with extended timeframes for dish racks, microprocessor components, and more. This manufacturer’s warranty handles issues caused by factoring errors, similar to a standard LG refrigerator warranty.


  • Bosch offers a standard manufacturer’s warranty when purchasing a new dishwasher or any appliance.
  • This warranty period lasts a full year and covers issues related to manufacturing errors and defects in materials, with the additional coverage provided for certain components via authorized service providers.
  • For extended coverage beyond the standard warranty terms, buy into the company’s proprietary insurance plans or go the third-party route.

Do Bosch Dishwashers Come With a Warranty?

Yes, Bosch offers a relatively boilerplate limited warranty with built-in dishwashers that is not quite as robust as a Vitamix warranty. Bosch’s warranty breaks down as follows. You get a standard 12-month manufacturer’s warranty for the appliance itself that covers every component regarding issues pertaining to factory errors.

Insider Tip

Using the dishwasher in any way aside from its intended manner will void the warranty, and this includes commercial use.

You also get extended coverage for several parts of the dishwasher, with the microprocessor, rack components, and circuit board getting anywhere from two to five years. This extended warranty is still just a manufacturer’s warranty, however, and does not cover user error.

Tips to Extend Coverage

Dishwashers should last around seven to ten years, so you are going to want some additional coverage beyond that 12 months. Here are some options to do just that.

Bosch Appliance Service Plans

Bosch offers extended warranties and insurance plans for dishwashers and its full range of household appliances and tools. Buying into one of these plans extends your coverage up to five years and expands the coverage to include normal wear and tear. You are typically given an option to buy into one of these plans upon your initial purchase, though Bosch gives consumers a few months to make up their minds. These plans are purchased annually or as a one-time fee. With one of these plans, you are eligible for repairs and even replacements when necessary.

Third-Party Plans

There are many third-party companies out there that offer extended warranties and insurance plans for household appliances like dishwashers. Some plans even bundle all of your appliances up into one plan, which is convenient. The prices and coverage types vary wildly from plan to plan, so read the fine print thoroughly before deciding to spring for one of these extended warranty or insurance plans.

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Home Warranties and Insurance Plans

Some homeowners insurance plans and affiliated home warranties will offer coverage for appliances like dishwashers, though not all. In other words, slap on those reading glasses and peruse the contract for specifics.

Bosch Warranty FAQs

How do you file a Bosch dishwasher warranty claim?

Give them a call or head to the website for information on the factory warranty and warranty conditions. You can also start a product warranty claim here or ask about warranty coverage.

What do you do when your warranty expires?

If your warranty expires, look into a third-party insurance option. Other than that, research care tips to make sure your dishwasher avoids any obvious issues.

Is Bosch a reliable brand?

Bosch is known to be a reliable brand with efficient service and excellent customer service. They make a whole lot of things beyond dishwashers, after all.
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