Boosted Board vs Electric Scooter

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Updated March 30, 2023

Many city-dwellers have turned to electric forms of skateboards and scooters to get around their city, but they must determine whether they want a boosted board vs an electric scooter. When determining the best option, start by comparing an electric scooter’s speed, mobility, and cost to the electric skateboard or other options to find the best electric scooter.


  • States have laws regarding the allowed speeds for electric scooters and skateboards.
  • For the most part, e-skateboards outpace e-scooters.
  • Users should consider the cost, speed, and mobility of e-skateboards and e-scooters when choosing their next ride.

As you continue reading below, keep in mind that Boosted USA once offered a large range of electric skateboards, including the Boosted Board, but has since gone bankrupt. So, the information below refers to a larger variety of electric skateboards. Depending on the inventory of skateboards and the type of skateboard you’re looking for, electric models can provide a great option to get around cities or enjoy your favorite trails. Electric boards are also useful for long-distance riding and commuting as they offer a smooth ride.

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You might find the e-skateboard has greater mobility.

Differences Between an Electric Skateboard and Electric Scooter

Electric skateboards (e-skateboards) and electric scooters (e-scooters) feature many differences, including the maximum speed, maneuverability, and price. For those looking for a fun, fast ride with extreme maneuverability, an e-scooter is an incredible scooter choice. Such models are often expensive scooter models due to the quality components used, but they provide a level of enjoyment that can’t be found with other types of electric skateboards or scooters. Quality scooters come with improved suspension and braking systems as well as larger wheels and increased power for greater speeds.

If you are looking specifically at electric scooters, consider a segway vs a scooter.


Many states have placed restrictions on the maximum speed allowed for e-skateboards and e-scooters, though it varies by state. For example, California limits e-skateboards to 20 mph and e-scooters to 15 mph. If you are looking for an option that is fast enough for you to do your errands and such around town, check out the best 50cc scooters. 50cc motors are capable of reaching a max speed of 35 mph, depending on the weight of the rider. On average, riders can expect to get around 25-30 mph when using these motors.

However, remember that if your area has a lot of hills, you may need a more powerful scooter. For that, you can check our guide on the top-rated electric scooters for climbing hills.


E-skateboards surpass their scooter counterparts in mobility because they need enough room for your feet and do not have the stability bar of a scooter. Meanwhile, an adult electric scooter offers a more comfortable ride, as they are much bigger and faster than a kick scooter. For the adventurous and experienced scooter enthusiast, electric skateboards can give an exhilarating experience.

Additionally, if you are looking for transportation that is easy to control, check out our comparison of a moped vs a scooter.


According to Razor, the average electric scooter costs about $300 to $600 for an adult rider. Electric skateboards cost about $400 to $2,000.


Check the laws in your state to make sure you can ride your device where you want.


What is cheaper: an e-scooter or an e-skateboard?

In general, an e-scooter is cheaper than an e-skateboard, but both options come in a wide range of prices.

What is easier to move around on?

An e-skateboard offers better maneuverability because it does not have a standing bar.

What is faster: an e-scooter or an e-skateboard?

An e-skateboard reaches higher speeds than most e-scooters, but the user’s ability to go at their desired speed depends on the laws in their area.

STAT: Thrill-seeker Mischo Erban recently took extreme skateboarding up a gear when he reached a breath-taking 95.83 km/h (59.55 mph) on a modified longboard – racing into the record books with an all-new Guinness World Records title for the Fastest speed on an electric skateboard. (source)

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