Grow Bone Tissue Exactly Where You Need It Most With New Medical Gel (video)

It’s amazing to think that we can repair serious bone damage by regrowing bones thanks to advances in medicine! But regrowing bones is a delicate matter; bones need to be regrown quite fast, but doctors have to carefully oversee that growth so that it produces the right shape for patients. Let’s just say its not an easy task. But thanks to a new gel created by Rice University, it’s now easier to produce only the bone tissue a patient needs. The special gel uses a patient’s stem cells to start the regrowth process, but also dictates where that growth will occur by creating a scaffold that will later degrade when new bone tissue takes its place. Doctors just need to fill an area with gel and then let it run its course! Right now, the new gel will most likely be used for fixing damage to one’s skull, but expect it to be used for other things like in less vital operations and even cosmetic surgery.


Kristie Bertucci

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