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Like almost any l wrench set you’ll find a simple to use tool, the Bondhus 12522 Gorilla Grips is different though with it being 20 percent stronger then the standard l wrenches. If L wrenches aren’t what you looking for we have the Best Wrench in 2020 all lined up for you including the Tekton 10-Piece Crowfoot Wrench Set.

Why We Like It – Bondhus 12522 Gorilla Grips

The Bondhus 12522 Gorilla Grips are perfect where a variety of tool sizes are required. All wrenches are packaged in a Bondhex gorilla grip and are color coded. Wrenches swing smoothly into individually marked slots with little chance of them coming out on their own.

  • Angle entry up to 25 degrees
  • Made in the United States
  • Lifetime warranty
  • No ball end.


Comfortable to use thanks to the handel with the folding hex key you need only a moment away, if your in a hard to reach spot you can simply fold out the right size instead of needing to get out of the spot and risk hurting yourself like the ToolGuards 22-Piece Ratchet Wrench Set could result in.


Without a long handle or ball end designen to this type hex keys you’ll find this isn’t the best product for commercial use, however any one who needs a set of allen wrenches to put your furniture together Bondhus says “Please try the comfort of the Gorilla Grip you’ll find it the most comfortable way to use a hex key sat available.” While not as big as the Tekton 15-Piece Combination Wrench Set the color coded grips.


When it comes to the Bondhus 12522 Gorilla Grips you’ll be getting a double pack that’s two wrench sets one metric the other imperial standard, on top of that you get free shipping which is alway a plus for even the most discerning shopper.

Bondhus 12522 Gorilla Grips Wrap Up

The Bondhus 12522 Gorilla Grips are best for someone who just needs a set of hex keys/ allen wrenches that’s not because of poor quality mind you it’s due to the fact that they don’t have a ball end and most people won’t need it.

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