Bolt Battery Backup Charger Will Keep Your Phone On No Matter What Thanks to a Built-in Battery


One of the problems with smartphones is that they are profound battery eaters. While battery technology has undeniably improved, and mobile processors sip less and less juice every single year, you still can’t go a full day without charging your phone, and you may not be near an outlet when it dies. The Bolt, from Fluxmob, combines a charger with a battery backup to fix that.

Probably the most elegant aspect of this is that it crams a lot into a tiny charger form factor. In fact, you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s an off-brand wall wart: It looks the same, it’s the same size, and even features the flip-down plug so common to chargers. But it’s the bottom part that should catch attention.

That’s where a 3000mAh battery from Samsung resides. As you plug your phone in and go about your day, it also charges the battery. So, if your phone dies, you simply pull out your charger, plug it into your phone, and you start getting power. According to Bolt, it’ll be good to recharge your phone not once, but twice, from a full-power charge. And, of course, it’ll work with anything that charges via a wall wart.

In other words, you can swap this out with pretty much any wall wart and give up nothing in terms of space, while gaining a lot more functionality. Even better, they’re developing swappable heads so you can take the Bolt overseas, although that’s going to remain a stretch goal, for now. Currently it’s available for $50 from Kickstarter; it’s already well past its goal, and it seems that it’ll be available to backers in October of this year.


Just try not to gloat the first time a friend’s phone dies and you save them from the rage of a significant other with your charger.

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